Monday, 27 March 2017

No 11965, Monday 27 Mar 2017, Buzzer

9   Starlet, essentially new, appearing in moving cameo in a love story (7) ROMANCE {s..R..t}{OMA{N}CE*}
10 Lambast/bristle at herbal drinks (7) LEATHER [T]
11 Toast left out to cook quickly (5) SAUTE SAlUTE
12 Pine and beech pronounced in this Californian city (4,5) LONG BEACH {LONG} {BEACH}(~beech)
13 Operating at full tilt being well informed (2,2,5) UP TO SPEED {UP TO} {SPEED}
14 Switching hands, delicate skill (5) FLAIR F(-r+l)LAI(-l+r)R
15 Comment on show not quite open (7) EXPOUND {EXPO}{UNDo}
17 Part of pulpit's coming loose (5,2) SPLIT UP*
19 Useful tips for holiday (5) HANDY HandY from {Ho...aY}
20 Aim in turn to curb speaker delays (9) MORATORIA {ORATOR} in {AIM<=}
22 Frenetically run through new fanzine that’s ultimately sappy (2,1,6) IN A FRENZY {R} in {FANZINE}*{s..pY}
24 Cold? The opposite (5) POLAR [DD]
25 Backing budget that is outwardly very vague (7) EVASIVE {SAVE<=}{I{V}E}
26 Erstwhile art to produce marionette (3-4) ONE-TIME MarIONEtTE* [RA] [CA] See comments

1   Positive resolution certainly a constraint (8) PRESSURE {P}{RES}{SURE}
2   Money is second in a relationship (6) AMOUNT {A{MO}UNT}
3   Relief day amidst exacting nurse duty (10) UNDERSTUDY {D} in {NURSE+DUTY}*
4   Knowledgeable people in general will be afraid of starting off (4-4) WELL-READ {WELL}-{dREAD}
5   Made a copy of compact disc containing single (6) CLONED {C{LONE}D}
6   Preserve book-post (4) JAMB {JAM}{B}
7   Bird running past a hen (8) PHEASANT*
8   A right time to overthrow old British monarch (6) ARTHUR {A}{R}{THUR} What's the role of 'overthrow'? (Addendum - {A}{RT}{HoUR} - See comments)
14 Writer's thought to topple and stall (4-3,3) FELT-TIP PEN {FELT}-{TIP} {PEN}
16 Price involving Canada made police cruiser (5,3) PANDA CAR {CANADA}* in {PR}
17 False God Satyr, an animal out of control (5,3) STRAY DOG*
18 Training to go along by noon in shade (3-5) PEA-GREEN {PE}{A-GREE}{N}
19 Man providing meat to very young farm animal (6) HEIFER {HE}{IF}{vERy}
20 Currency including Knut primarily for Potter? (6) MONKEY {MON{Knut}EY}
21 Quarrel lieutenant had with relative down under (6) RELLIE [T]
23 Freudian slips periodically bringing harm (4) RUIN fReUdIaN


Sunday, 26 March 2017

Special, Sunday 26 Mar 2017, Dr Satyen Nabar

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Charged about two dollars, it’s inferred (6)
4   Throwing pie? Silly, I hear but what a revelation (8)
9   Embarrassed about brief proposal leading to ridicule (6)
10 What’s found in wet areas perhaps! (8)
12 Look after fort (4)
13 Letter that’s flown from Agra-Rome with me (10)
15 Full stop at the end of a colon? (12)
18 Gate-crasher perhaps? (9, 3)
21 Amazing atrium with quaint interiors gets official approval (10)
22 Some yobs assaulting all around? Need police order in UK (4)
24 Plague record one medic assembled (8)
25 Academic in capital at African citadel (6)
26 Transfer fool in government (8)
27 Elite umpire keels over clutching bottom (6)

1   Pass ball to the left or right of close companion (8)
2   Nurses go operate with them! (8)
3   Destroys objectives (4)
5   Rose up hassled receiving bill? It’s incredible (12)
6   Source of energy that a presenter would like (5, 5)
7   Ron quits running marathons due to this? (6)
8   Told tales but flashback spoils end (6)
11 Being responsible for each tantrum at class (12)
14 Cleverly teases son about commotion with firmness (10)
16 Trouble? Surrender weapon (8)
17 Put out about nothing? Be more calm (8)
19 I learn new type of equation (6)
20 Most favourable conditions to select one scholar (6)
23 Plunder ship (4)

Across Lite Version can be accessed at Dr SN 12


The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 26 Mar 2017

1   Meek letter after replacement (10) SUBMISSIVE {SUB}{MISSIVE}
6   Large number in service (4) MASS [DD]
9   King grows old and is uncontrollable (5) RAGES {R}{AGES}
10 Track back during ceasefire behind small building (9) STRUCTURE {S}{TRUC{RUT<=}E}
12 Twisted screw finally fixed, securing line (8) WRIGGLED {s..eW}{RIGG{L}ED}
13 Part of gun found in river in wood (6) BREECH {B{R}EECH}
15 Proper variety of coral, you recall, initially red? (7,6) PRIMARY COLOUR {PRIM}{CORAL+YOU+Re...l}*
18 Novelist in state following gripping yarn (8,5) VIRGINIA WOOLF {VIRGINIA} {WOOL}{F}
20 Duplicate agent put away (6) REPEAT {REP}{EAT}
22 Filter signal's first followed by coach (8) STRAINER {Si...l}{TRAINER}
24 Clean a lot, getting frantic suddenly (3,2,4) ALL AT ONCE*
25 Identification with Greek character, not a fool (5) IDIOT {ID}{IOTa}
26 Restrained trend in hearing (4) TIED (~tide)
27 Couriers bringing pickle and mixed greens (10) MESSENGERS {MESS}{GREENS*}

1   Calculating weight in fragment (6) SHREWD {SHRE{W}D}
2   Front of barrier one gripped, prepared for fairground ride (3,6) BIG DIPPER {Ba...r}{1}{GRIPPED}*
3   Corrupt financing is it not important? (13) INSIGNIFICANT*
4   Methodical, say, working around check on habitual action (10) SYSTEMATIC {SY{STEM}A*}{TIC}
5   Change your answer, against getting up (4) VARY {YR}{A}{V}<=
7   A source of inspiration and delight (5) AMUSE {A}{MUSE}
8   Guide quietly separating woman and man on road (8) SHEPHERD {SHE}{P}{HE}{RD}
11 Evidence in speech after expression of surprise over cheat (13) CORROBORATION {COR}{ROB}{ORATION}
14 European news is yet to be translated for viewer (10) EYEWITNESS {E}{NEWS+IS+YET}*
16 Attack rotten thinking lacking power (9) OFFENSIVE {OFF}{pENSIVE}
17 Finished project, dull (8) OVERCAST {OVER}{CAST}
19 Overturned instrument good for nothing (6) GRATIS {SITAR}{G}<=
21 Beat seed (5) PULSE [DD]
23 Joint outlook needed to some extent (4) KNEE [T]


Saturday, 25 March 2017

No 11964, Saturday 25 Mar 2017, Neyartha


1 Quarrel over transport for attending religious services (11)  WORSHIPPING {WOR<=}{SHIPPING}
9 Article on a military alliance trapping a model with an orange-red dye (7) ANNATTO {AN}{NAT{T}O}
10 Hippie's target for piercing is part of a 3 Dn. (6) TONGUE (DD)

11 String follower revealing false expectations? (5) ALONG (CD) From the phrase string along
12 Bill counter packs disassembled rake for a raid (5-2) BREAK-IN {B{RAKE*}-IN<=}
15 Restore, say, part of a 3 Dn. (4) HEEL {~HEAL}
16 Rat in hotel chewed part of a 3 Dn. (6,4) THROAT LINE {RAT IN HOTEL}*
18 Leaping insect in a funnelshaped container at the end of a thoroughfare lacking shoulders (10) TREEHOPPER {sTREEt}{HOPPER}

20 Flog the opening bat, dismissed by a wide, with part of a 3 Dn. (4) WELT {(-b+W)ELT}
23 Division of one-fourth of a gallon by a queen (7) QUARTER {QUART}{ER}
24 A selection of free verses for town officer (5) REEVE (T)
26 Tesla and Oscar walk back for part of a 3 Dn. (6) TOECAP {T}{O}{ECAP<=}
27 Drug addicts repairing submarines made half of the miners quit (7) ABUSERS {SUBMARINES-MIN}*
28 Biblical theatre production in a sty? Reply may be ordered (7,4) MYSTERY PLAY {STY REPLAY MAY}*


2 Loss of power resulting from shock after abandoning resistance (6) OUTAGE {OUTrAGE}
3 Piece of footwear found by son climbing up the pipe (4) SHOE {(+S)HO(-s)E}
4 Meddler at home burnt petrol with hesitation (10) INTERLOPER {IN}{PETROL*}{ER}
5 Daughter gets rid of the new flags for some necklaces (8) PENDANTS {PEN(-n+D)ANTS}
6 Molluscs on nuclear submarines (7)  NAUTILI (DD)
7 Could a golden one be an apt parting gift? (9) PARACHUTE (CD) This is what execs hope to get when the board rediscovers Peter's prinicple
8 Letters from Britain solemnising part of a 3 Dn. (6) INSOLE (T)
13 See perk tossed after gathering climber cultivated as a brewing aid for a tradesman (10) SHOPKEEPER {SEE PERK}* around {HOP}
14 Improper size? Get it to show the prevailing mood (9) ZEITGEIST {SIZE GET IT}*
17 Taking that path might not yield success (8) SHORTCUT (CD)
19 Evasive note on king getting entertained by the return of the Christmas season (7) ELUSORY {ELU{SO}{R}Y<=}
21 Part of a 3 Dn. found in a small island, reportedly (6) EYELET {~ISLET}
22 Volunteers confiscating uranium smuggled by Ram get hurt (6) TRAUMA {T{RA{U}M}A}
25 Part of a 3 Dn. getting rid of the anger of one who's out for blood? (4) VAMP {VAMPire}

Article=An, Military alliance=NATO, Model=T, Wide=W, Queen=ER, Tesla=T, Oscar=O
Resistance=R, Son=S, At home=In. Hesitation=Er, Daughter=D, New=N, Note=So, King=R(Rex), Volunteers=TA, Uranium=U

Color/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday, 24 March 2017

No 11963, Friday 24 Mar 2017, Gridman

1   Ram's ready for sweet-talk (6,2) BUTTER UP {BUTTER} {UP}
5   Get a bit of commercial tax (6) ACCESS {A}{Co...l}{CESS}
10 Proclaim: U.S. President meets alien (7) TRUMPET {TRUMP}{ET}
11 Garment in general (7) OVERALL [DD]
12 Charge our country almost going to court (6) INDICT {INDIa}{CT}
13 Time for an event (8) OCCASION [DD]
15 Almost whimsical recall by nobleman (4) LORD DROLl<=
16 What an accident on the road may well bring about — how a fight in a movie can be described (5,5) ANGRY SCENE [DD]
18 Ultramodern directions on tooth by the French dentist initiated (10) NEWFANGLED {N}{E}{W}{FANG}{LE}{De...t}
20 Questions Tamil leader abandoning jobs to be done (4) ASKS tASKS
23 Someone who cares for earth organises force to take on each kind, to begin with (8) ECOFREAK {FORCE}*{EA}{Kind}
24 Dust settles on India's top old workroom (6) STUDIO {DUST}*{In..a}{O}
26 With a bit of rice, Olivia cooked an Italian dish (7) RAVIOLI {Rice}{OLIVIA}*
27 Left, as a large number came in with feelings roused (7) EXCITED {EX{C}ITED}
28 Thin light falling over sport official (6) RAREFY {RA{REF}Y}
29 Give confidence to old menbe barmy (8) EMBOLDEN*

1   How one may get a thing done even if it means bumbling through (2,5,3,5) BY TRIAL AND ERROR [CD]
2   Cry loudly — sometimes it's stolen from others (7) THUNDER [C&DD]
3   Look for the answer! (6) EXPECT [DD]
4   Solving this clue is __ __ you! (2,2) UP TO [FITB]
6   Crack Chennai's top investor retreating with heads of school education (8) CREVASSE {Ch...i}{SAVER<=}{Sc..l}{Ed...n}
7   Woman holding up entry form is dodgy (7) EVASIVE {EV{VISA<=}E}
8   You may be silver-tongued but not speaking might help better (7,2,6) SILENCE IS GOLDEN [CD]
9   Strenuous musical performance by boy (9) CONCERTED {CONCERT}{ED}
14 Puzzling to have giant mice running about (9) ENIGMATIC*
17 What old women liked to do in the past decades with daughters and sons in the mating game (5,3) MARRY OFF [CD]
19 Any woman, though, opts herself out (7) WHOEVER {W}{HOwEVER}
21 Under the influence of drugs, son and sweetheart went out together (7) SEDATED {S}{swEet}{DATED}
22 Strips put up on company's decorative material (6) STUCCO {CUTS<=}{CO}
25 Wave made by each man (4) PERM {PER}{M}


Thursday, 23 March 2017

No 11962, Thursday 23 Mar 2017, Gridman

1   Collector's opening bid for small boxes (7) COFFERS {Co...r}{OFFER}{S}
5   Look back in the limits of Changanacherry — it's shiver-inducing (6) CREEPY {PEER<=} in {Ch...rY}
9   One in a section of church is ingenuous (5) NAIVE {NA{1}VE}
10 Reckless person's road speed recalibrated (9) DESPERADO*

11 Stiff boor broken with limited cudgel (7) ROBOTIC {BOOR}*{sTICk}
12 Nervous complaint following disparate sale of band (7) ELASTIC {SALE}*{TIC}
13 Greeting from rebel to the queen (5) CHEER {CHE}{ER}
14 Frequency of chic detectives taking a measure at the church (9) INCIDENCE {IN}{CID}{EN}{CE}
16 Burning desire of extreme party to take on a country (9) PYROMANIA {PartY}{ROMANIA}
19 A large number inside to move laterally (5) SIDLE {SID{L}E}
21 Held the will I cited as unauthorised (7) ILLICIT [T]
23 Backache arising out of you finally taking part in a difficult gambol (7) LUMBAGO {yoU} in {GAMBOL}*
24 Former patient admits editor after dismissing a model — it's appropriate (9) EXPEDIENT {EX}{P(-at+ed)EDIENT}
25 To South Arcot these young people get glossy fabrics (5) TEENS saTEENS
26 Old lover embracing girl is one who does a lot of walking (6) LEGMAN {LE{G}MAN}
27 I seem to be tossed about among Poles in retributive justice (7) NEMESIS {I+SEEM}* in {N}{S}

1   Devices that don't help figures in birth register to go up (14) CONTRACEPTIVES [CD]
2   Rex — one in story — is easily broken (7) FRIABLE {F{R}{1}ABLE}
3   One who discards throws out head bouncer (7) EJECTOR rEJECTOR
4   Son cautioned about not having a pulling power (9) SEDUCTION {S}{CaUTIONED}*
5   Social class we're told to discard (5) CASTE (~cast)
6   Eve's first dream revolves around snatching lover's top stone (7) EMERALD {Eve}{MERA{Lo..r}D*}}
7   Pa on the refitted carriage (7) PHAETON*
8   Buildings set in a city for people to live in (8,6) CONCRETE HOUSES {CONCRETE} {HOUSES}
15 Fraud is almost slack in plan to nab a man (9) CHARLATAN {CHAR{LAx}T}{A}{N} Anno for N pending. Seems to be a mix-up in the clue See comments
17 Backsliding by careless leapers (7) RELAPSE*
18 Two men together produce paving material (7) MACADAM {MAC}{ADAM}
19 Review my post with first medico for a sign of illness (7) SYMPTOM {MY+POST}*{Me...o}
20 Cabinets for old-fashioned underwear? (7) DRAWERS [DD]
22 Bond's market ploy (3-2) TIE-IN [DD]


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

No 11961, Wednesday 22 Mar 2017, Gridman

1   Stop telling knight to stop (8) SURCEASE (~sir}{SUR}{CEASE}
5   Large brownish wood (6) LUMBER {L}{UMBER}
9   Is fault mended in tube? (7) FISTULA*
10 Papa putting in more excess material (7) PADDING {P}{ADDING}
11 Toured green site that is African grassland (9) SERENGETI*
12 Allowance cut by proportion (5) RATIO RATIOn
13 The French politician in magical home (4) LAMP {LA}{MP}
14 In effect, one changes enough to become capable (9) EFFICIENT {IN+EFFECT+1}*
17 Father and artist reportedly take a picture of fall (9) PARACHUTE {PA}{RA}{CHUTE}(~shoot)
19 Shirt style of Venetian traveller (4) POLO [DD]
23 Block of Goan villages (5)  ANVIL [T]
24 Ten mad men agitating for reform (9) AMENDMENT*
25 Domestic help, with old boy, will be attentive (7) SERVANT obSERVANT
26 Conceited person one finally got to sit around (7) EGOTIST {onE}{GOT}{SIT*}
27 Delicate atmosphere begins enveloping and covering capital of Bihar (6) FEEBLE {FEE{Bi..r}L}{En...g}
28 Superficial type begins eroding in one month (4-4) SKIN-DEEP {S{KIN-D}{Er...g}EP}

1   Therefore paper's unit announced a persuasive method of advertising (4,4) SOFT SELL {SO}{FT} {SELL}(~cell)
2   It gives a standing to the speaker (7) ROSTRUM [CD]
3   Horse for each of five got stuck in the heart of Beed (6) EQUINE {bE{QUIN}Ed}
4   Foretaste that turns out to be most modern (5-2-3-3) STATE-OF-THE-ART*
6   Don't make too many false statements? Not exactly! (8) UNDERLIE {UNDER}{LIE}
7   How urn is part of furnishing (5-2) BUILT-IN Definition by example
8   Ignore developed area (6) REGION*
10 With this annoyance, turning one's head may be a problem (4,2,3,4) PAIN IN THE NECK [CD]
15 Prime Minister strides over everybody — everybody — in London street (4,4) PALL MALL {P{ALL} M}{ALL}
16 Track return of favourites also at end of tiff (8) FOOTSTEP {PETS}{TOO}<= after {tifF}
18 Not in favour of publicity lines (7) ADVERSE {AD}{VERSE}
20 Former regarding boy lolling in ease, say (3-4) ONE-TIME {ON}{E-{TIM}E}
21 High range of scholars to start studying Indian forestry (6) MASSIF {MAS}{St...g}{In...n}{Fo...y}
22 Be close to publicity combine (6) ADJOIN {AD}{JOIN}


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

No 11960, Tuesday 21 Mar 2017, Gridman

1   Directionless, Raja's walking leisurely (8) RAMBLING {R}{AMBLING}
6   Albert leaves excuses for bird (4) IBIS alIBIS
9   Cares about royal directions (6) TRENDS {T{R}ENDS}
10 Gridman's confession that he's out-of-date. That's dead end (7) IMPASSE {I'M}{PASSE}
13 Lass relaxing in excellent grazing area (9) GRASSLAND {GRA{LASS*}ND}
14 Good man to broadcast: It will take you to a higher level (5) STAIR {ST}{AIR}
15 Aide's strange thought (4) IDEA*
16 Estate's scheme dismissing head of depot (10) PLANTATION {PLAN}{sTATION}
19 First of ranges in petticoat is developed insufficiently (10) UNDERGROWN {UNDERG{Ra...s}OWN}
21 Go fast, girl, it helps you reach a level up (4) RUNG {RUN}{G}
24 Retrieve a fragment I put in part of leg (5) TIBIA {A}{I}{BIT}<=
25 Playing around grandee at open-air restaurant (3,6) TEA-GARDEN*
26 Assert again: US city is involved in organised crime (7) RECLAIM {REC{LA}IM*}
27 With Tamil leader, these mistakes would be nightmares (6) ERRORS tERRORS
28 Stagger back from evil look (4) LEER <=
29 Taking turns or going back to depot without initial supply (8) ROTATION {OR<=}{sTATION}

2   Land needing care redeveloped over time (7) ACREAGE {CARE}*{AGE}
3   New one in party cast out (6) BANISH {BA{N}{1}SH}
4   Set-up aide in shop has beer regularly (9) INSTALLER {IN}{STALL}{bEeR}
5   Crush good part of some fruits (5) GRIND {G}{RIND}
7   Learned men accept short tip about primarily samba rice (7) BASMATI {BA}{Sa..a}{MA}{TIp}
8   Son's trial joke about new wool-gathering workers (8,4) SHEARING GANG {S}{HEARING} {GA{N}G}
11 AP lost out — it's mail-related (6) POSTAL*
12 Rag I represented gets refined with regard to farming (12) AGRICULTURAL {RAG+I}*{CULTURAL}
17 Fresh appeal to man — one selling papers (4,5) NEWS AGENT {NEW}{S A}{GENT}
18 Deep mysteries embedded in Bihar canal (6) ARCANA [T]
20 Society girl's lace tears off in disaster (7) DEBACLE {DEB}{LACE}*
22 Suffer, having energy that isn't high enough? (7) UNDERGO {UNDER}{GO}
23 Gold standard, say, of vegetable (6) CARROT (~carat)
25 Sailor hugged most excellent circus employee (5) TAMER {TA{Most}{Ex...t}R} Is an indicator to take first letters of Most & Excellent missing?


Monday, 20 March 2017

No 11959, Monday 20 Mar 2017, KrisKross

Welcome to our new setter KrisKross.

1   Unnamed criminal captures South Pole's explorer (8) AMUNDSEN {polE} in {UNNAMED}* (Correction - {AMUND{S}EN*} - See comments)
5   Girl pays for jars (6) GRATES {G}{RATES}
9   Maid dons tailored suit (8) DIAMONDS*
10 Rama perhaps is a sailor, winning Ravana’s heart (6) AVATAR {raVAna} in {A}{TAR}
12 Instant tests for the audience (5) TRICE (~tries)
13 To start with, Napoleon enters to receive the French soldier — a well mannered person (9) GENTLEMAN {GE{Na...n}T}{LE}{MAN}
14 Short visit from John's relatives (4-2) LOOK-IN {LOO}{K-IN}
16 Worker crosses river from the east — it’s the shortest way (7) BEELINE {BE{NILE<=}E}
19 Excellent fellow who never gets the bride (4,3) BEST MAN {BEST} {MAN}
21 Encourage to start translating Urdu — it is spoken in Afghanistan (6) PUSHTU {PUSH}{Tr...g}{Urdu}
23 Fresh air, sun, sea for persons of a certain race (9) EURASIANS*
25 Ray catches red fish (5) BREAM {B{R}EAM}
26 Originally valuable article — it’s the source of your pride (6) VANITY {Va...e}{AN}{IT}{Your}
27 Order drinks for Peter (8) ?E?R?A?E (Addendum - DECREASE - {DECRE{AS}E} - See comments)
28 Notice saying: “Change direction” (3-3) SEE-SAW {SEE}-{SAW}
29 Retro songs about Long Island (3,5) SRI LANKA {SRI {LANK}A<=}

1   Inspects collapsed stadium after many died (6) AUDITS STADIUm*
2   A French bird (cowardly person), mostly in agreement (9) UNANIMOUS {UN}ANI{MOUSe}
3   Controlled cattle (5) DROVE [DD]
4   Plant’s tip gone off (7) ENDOGEN {END}{GONE}*
6   Guns raised on supporters chucking egg (9) REVOLVERS {OVER<=}{LoVERS}
7   Sign found in Shinto temples (5) TOTEM [T]
8   More determined to trade nothing with a foreigner (8) STRANGER STR(-o+a)ANGER
11 Rolls over in shame (4) SNUB <=
15 Characters from Lockhart, USA, make up a book of Congress (4,5) KAMA SUTRA [T<=]
17 Mostly at sea (2,3,4) IN THE MAIN [DD]
18 Sees doctor and helps (8) OBSERVES {OB}{SERVES}
20 Clean without water (4) NEAT [DD]
21 Scientist from ancient continent, half-destroyed (7) PASTEUR {PAST}{EURope}
22 A crowd surrounds leader of extremists — a spineless creature (6) AMOEBA {A}{MO{Ex...s}B}{A}
24 Compass to begin navigating in storm (5) RANGE {RA{Na...g}GE}
25 Barely managed to sell a precious stone (5) BERYL BaRELY*


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Special, Sunday 19 Mar 2017, Amrita

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM as usual (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Empty Apartment (4)
4   Soft grass (maybe edible) covers a side (10)
9    A regular beet / devil's tongue cooked ain't no good to taste, for example (6,9)
10 Alternative fuel vehicle goes ahead extremely laboriously and cautiously (9)
12 Pick second vehicle, not the Audi at the front but the SUV from the middle (5)
15 A dress fits evenly and looks like a dream? (6)
16 Guide and preach on reforms (8)
17 Say, shoes exchange counter (8)
18 Not acceptable to sing-along around bar - that would be a way to fight? (6)
20 Fresh crackers - not one is broken (5)
23 Work upon grim areas to form ties (9)
24 Perhaps, a half and a quarter of oral anti-inflammatory pain killers (8,7)
25 Shocked by the first lapse on flip side (10)
26 Corner retreat full of odd lime trees (4)

2   Animal suit model took off for party top (7)
3   Sharp tools to stab evil Ken, perhaps (5,6)
4   Peter on vacation, rose hurriedly on receiving dog's signals (10)
5   Spirit of a company besieged by an issue (5)
6   A temple perhaps, found in central Mugello (Tuscany) (5)
7   Quietly stripped varnish spread on alloy (5)
8   Menial worker should be Brown, perhaps says Spooner (7)
11 A navy bordered lace used to design a kind of butterfly (7)
13 The introductory note given before a tour? (3,8)
14  Stage set for second base (10)
17 Twisted laughter, a backstabber's hidden act (7)
19 Principle of other variable measurement (7)
21 Cover up in winters (5)
22 City of Tokyo remodelled (5)
23 Highways seen outside a metropolis (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at AMRITA 1


The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 19 Mar 2017

1   Lizard with energy grabbing bite, not quietly (5) GECKO {pECK} in {GO} One creature that gives me the creeps!!
4   List containing tips from epigram and poem, for example (4,5) ROLE-MODEL {Ep...aM}{ODE} in {ROLL}
9   Soul accepting falsehood, very trusting (9) BELIEVING {BE{LIE}{V}ING}
10 Rotten part of frivolous yarn (5) LOUSY [T]
11 Malevolent creature concealed in flower (6) ORCHID {ORC}{HID}
12 Perfectionist beginning to sob, heart broken by learner (8) STICKLER {Sob}{TICK{L}ER}
14 Singer, sober, moon in sky affected (6,8) SMOKEY ROBINSON*
16 Anxiety about half of work, obscure, with a line lacking depth (3-11) TWO-DIMENSIONAL {T{WOrk}-{DIM}ENSION}{A}{L}
20 Confirmed time established in arrangement of date (8) ATTESTED {T}{EST} in {DATE}*
21 Piece of jewellery I love in artist's workroom (6) STUDIO {STUD}{I}{O}
23 One surrounded by cheers, sun god in crown (5) TIARA {T{1}A}{RA}
24 Engine with extremes of power breaking bad robot up (9) TURBOPROP {PoweR} in {ROBOT+UP}*
25 Silly aim oddly receiving resistance in like manner (9) SIMILARLY {R} in {SILLY+AIM}*
26 Treacherous person lacking wide support (5) EASEL wEASEL

1   Great upset over book about ape (6) GIBBON {GI{B}B<=}{ON}
2   Fellow in fantastic form, calm doctor in comic novel (4,7,4) COLD COMFORT FARM {F} in {FORM+CALM+DOCTOR}*
3   Honour large venture, right away creating monument (7) OBELISK {OBE}{L}{rISK}
4   Bar protest (4) RAIL [DD]
5   Guide for sailors with happy hearts on river (10) LIGHTHOUSE {LIGHT}{H}{OUSE}
6   Prophet in endless pain in country (7) MALACHI {MAL{ACHe}I}
7   Rules applied unfairly in tennis match perhaps restricting quality (6,9) DOUBLE STANDARDS {DOUBLE {STANDARD}S}
8   Los Angeles group engaging you for hairdresser's work? (8) LAYERING {LA}{YE}{RING}
13 Pretty tense, in a mess without new compositor (10) TYPESETTER {PRETTY+TEnSE}*
15 Opponent disrupting last broadcast in lost land (8) ATLANTIS {ANTI} in {LAST}*
17 Position during delay (7) INSTALL {IN}{STALL}
18 Result revealed approach (7) OUTCOME {OUT}{COME}
19 Politician inhibited by sign about rising force (6) COMPEL {MP} in {LEO}{C}<=
22 Become strained and fight (4) FRAY [DD]

Saturday, 18 March 2017

No 11958, Saturday 18 Mar 2017, Afterdark

1 Vehicle essentially speeds on road race (6) CAREER{CAR}{spEEds}{R}
4 Craves for company with stranger to tour Venice primarily and get satisfied at the end (6) COVETS {CO{V}ET S}
9 Rising moon behind river's bit tarnished (4) RIOT {R}{IO{Ta...d}
10 Sparkling gold at source is waste, is no good; sources (10) GLITTERING {Gold}{LITTER I N G}
11 Live by law, love and by middle-age get fit (6) BELONG {BE}{L}{O}{aNd}{aGe}
12 Instruments to cut bone first and drill will fetch money (8) TRIPPERS {T}{RIP PE RS}
13 Relying on department head to collect engineer's due (9) DEPENDING {De...t}{E}{PENDING]
15 Light needs little current (4) LAMP {L}{AMP}
16 Son fixes a light source on snowmobile (4) SLED {S}{LED}
17 Imagining gossip, pun is horrible (9) SUPPOSING {GOSSIP+PUN}*
21 Subject overwhelmed by murderer, saved at the end by officers (8) CAPTAINS {C{APT}AIN}{Sa..d} Corrected. Please see comments below
22 Resistance by union leader at building accelerated (6) RUSHED {R}{Un...n}{SHED}
24 Setting ATM! nothing special in this place (10) ATMOSPHERE {ATM}{O}{SP}{HERE}
25 Some tax levied on pin (4) AXLE {Telescopic}
26 Relied on grass found around street (6) RESTED {REED around ST}
27 Book kept by that woman given to son, not you and me (6) OTHERS {OT}{HER}{S} Second son here, first one figuring in 16a

1 Neighbour inches away, close to Pune (7) CHINESE {INCHES* punE}

中 国 人

2 Supplies short of allowance (5) RATIO {RATIOn}
3 Angry on losing Romeo, girl came on board and agreed to marry (7) ENGAGED {EN(+g-r)GAGED}
5 No teacher would accept a fiend, even for gain (6) OBTAIN {O}{BT}{A}{fIeNd}
6 Trump, reopen USA for the French, perhaps (9) EUROPEANS {(REOPEN USA)*}
7 Drink and incoherently rant in shade (7) SUNTRAP {SU(RANT*)P}
8 Noble eliminated and disposed old lover to go after princess' spell primarily (13) DISTINGUISHED { DI}{Spell}{exTINGUSHED}
14 Steel car damaged, article's missing, but working inside through subatomic particles (9) ELECTRONS {STEEL+CaR}* around {ON}
16 Instrument to repel woman but attract child in shower (7) SCATTER {S(-w+c)CATTER}
18 Recent development around political leader's one in hundred (7) PERCENT {RECENT}* around {Po...l}


19 Crooked news dealer, can be raw inside, provokes (7) NEEDLES {NEwS DEaLEr}*
20 It's easy for school-head to hold troublemaker at the middle of aisleway (6) SIMPLE {ais(School IMP)LEway]
23 Add a drop of honey in wine and stir (5) SHAKE {S(H)AKE} Bond would probably disagree that stirred and shaken are the same


Friday, 17 March 2017

No 11957, Friday 17 Mar 2017, Afterdark

1   Recruiter, volunteer fast to approach Supreme Court to get out (6,5) TALENT SCOUT {TA}{LENT} {SC}{OUT}
7   Bird tied in tree tops (3) TIT Acrostic
9   But termination withheld is unqualified (5) UTTER [T]
10 Opener's pager given by Spooner to apiarist (9) BEEKEEPER {(-k+b)BEE}{(-b+k)KEEPER}
11 Duration of life is determined by desire, brevity and killing brother (9) LONGEVITY {LONG}{brEVITY}
12 Mug's steaming, breaks when AGM drops (5) STEIN STEamINg
13 Stickler to observe female at America while starting (7) FUSSPOT {F}{US}{SPOT}
15 Brave lawyer faces creep regularly (4) DARE {DA}{cReEp}
18 Column by President Mark (4) POST {P}{OST} OST - Original Sound Track? See comments
20 Won't create a planned urban community (3,4) NEW TOWN [RA]
23 Letters from Honolulu pinned on plant (5) LUPIN [T]
24 Braggart's a hoodlum roaming around Pondy, say (9) LOUDMOUTH {HOODLUM}* over {UT}
26 Seek protection from buyout, borrow one hundred (4,5) TAKE COVER {C} in {TAKEOVER}
27 Supply cannula, no time to get man out (5) CATER CAtheTER
28 Layer of heroin found on nurse (3) HEN {H}{EN}
29 Venues destroyed by a barrage of darts from a daredevil woman (11) ADVENTURESS {VENUES+DARTS}*

1   It’s realistic for outfielder to miss duke ball and get injured (4-4) TRUE LIFE {oUTFIELdER}*
2   Tardiness displayed by deadhead (8) LATENESS {LATE}{NESS}
3   Sues often to get chargeback in advance from support (5) NURSE {RUN<=}{SuEs}
4   Continue to sit clutching edge of the seat on reversing vehicle (7) SUBSIST {BUS<=}{SI{Seat}T}
5   Doyen's hurt, takes energy drug with half the vision perhaps (3-4) ONE-EYED {E}{E} in {DOYEN}*
6   Mammal lobbed around a fish, perhaps, rejected (4,5) TREE SHREW {SEER<=} in {THREW}
7   Delete clue on page once (6) TIPPEX {TIP}{P}{EX}
8   Crowd put out mostly at north Germany (6) THRONG {THROw}{N}{G}
14 I phone CIA in a frenzy to find old civilization (9) PHOENICIA*
16 Meat dish offered right away to flirtatious woman (8) COQUETTE CrOQUETTE
17 Type of mushrooms with tips off can be made as liquid containers (8) INKHORNS stINKHORNS Had to Google this mushroom to solve this one
19 A live TV broadcast in city (3,4) TEL AVIV*
20 Particle found in information transmitter is kind of square inside (7) NEUTRON {NEU{T}RON}
21 Blemish on lawyer, book and charge 33% (6) BLOTCH {BL}{OT}{CHarge}
22 Told Rod to head north (6) SPOKEN {SPOKE}{N}
25 Obama caucus withholding a region of China (5) MACAU [T]

Thursday, 16 March 2017

No 11956, Thursday 16 Mar 2017, Spinner

Themed on films?

1   A gripping cryptic clue might have this hint of surprise to increase fun on cracking (7,7) SURFACE TENSION {Su...e + TO +INCREASE + FUN}*
10 In return, Stanford University admits Indian college members (5) UNITS {U{NIT}S<=}
11 Theatre at mental asylum for surgery (9) TREATMENT [T]
12 Love affairs involving extremely excitative emotions (8) FEELINGS {F{Ex...vE}LINGS}
13 At the end, singer to scream head off? This might help maintain pitch! (6) ROLLER {s...eR}{hOLLER}
15 Surplus gold managed by head of the eatery (10) RESTAURANT {REST}{AU}{RAN}{The}
16 Members of colony like to drink a bit of neat tequila (4) ANTS {Neat}{Te...a} in {AS}
19 Movie initially felicitated in ludicrous mix-up (4) FILM Acrostic
20 Enhancing programme code before appraisal (10) DECORATING {CODE}*{RATING}
23 Sailor's net cast away (6) ABSENT {AB'S}{NET}*
25 Broadcasts special cricket series played between Australia and England (8) SPLASHES {SPL}{ASHES}
27 Newspaper introduced excellently detailed redesign, gaining patronage ultimately, as a result (9) THEREFORE {TH}{Ex...y}{REFORm}{p...gE}
28 Desolate criminal taking drug (5) ALONE {AL}{ON}{E} On/Taking?
29 They deliver notes, send pics & share moves with Snapchat, primarily (4,10) CASH DISPENSERS {SEND+PICS+SHARE}*{Sn...t}

2   International valuers jostling to acquire upcoming home (9) UNIVERSAL {U{IN<=}VERSAL*}
3   Cook feast with some Indian vegetables at large fair (8) FESTIVAL {FEST{In...n}{Ve...s}A*}{L}
4   Accountant attempts to gain self-esteem in classes (10) CATEGORIES {CA}{T{EGO}RIES}
5   It's about preserving energy in relationships (4) TIES {TI{E}S*}
6   Break into a new state (6) NATION {INTO+A}*{N}
7   Spinner was first to retire with a model (5) IDEAL {I}{LEAD<=} (Correction - {I}{DE{A}L<=} - See comments)
8   A true mix-up between partners' identities (7) NATURES {A+TRUE}* in {NS}
9   America rejected proposal after commencement, causing hurt (6) SUFFER {US<=}{oFFER}
14 Half-finished Indian politician allowed leading ex-minister to take over firm (10) INCOMPLETE {IN}{CO}{MP}{LET}{Ex-...r}
17 Adjacent member in hub region broken (9) NEIGHBOUR*
18 A vehicle featuring in animated Pixar film's trailers (8) CARAVANS {CAR}{A}{VAN}S}
19 Desperate trick to get under foreigner's skin (7) FRANTIC {Fo...eR}{ANTIC}
21 With end nowhere in sight, Gay accelerated and breathed heavily (6) GASPED {GAy}{SPED}
22 Really stylish act (6) INDEED {IN}{DEED}
24 Looks for man captivated by looks (5) SEEMS {SEE{M}S}
26 Endlessly uttered profanities, raised fights (4) ROWS SWORe<=


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

No 11955, Wednesday 15 Mar 2017, The Phantom

There seems to be a theme in the CW, but I can't seem to put a finger to it!

1   Grab drink to overcome sleep (4,2) SNAP UP {S{NAP} UP}
5   Brilliant engineer designed rectifier (8) TERRIFIC {ReCTIFIER}*
9   Row during telephone call leads to yelling (7) ROARING {R{OAR}ING}
10 Small dog for example, that's chewing bone (6) PETITE {PET}{I{T}E}
11 Remote controlled shooting star! (6) METEOR*
12 Can girl take break even during lessons? (8) TRAINING {T{bReAk}IN}{IN}{G}
13 Retired secretary's helping to distribute (9) APPORTION {PA<=}{PORTION}
15 Broadcast one made for the press (5) MEDIA {1+MADE}*
17 Bird cages exist in this part of China (5) TIBET {TI{BE}T}
19 First two seats available in theatre's opening show (9) REPRESENT REPRE{SEats}N{Th...e} Anno pending (Addendum - {REP}{RE{SEats}NT} - As per Mr Walker)
22 A wire is first tied all around climbing plant (8) WISTERIA {A+WIRE+IS+Tied}*
23 Dazed young woman pinched by unpopular guy (6) GLASSY {LASS} in {GuY}
25 Boredom means primarily being inactive after a little time (6) TEDIUM {Time}{mEDIUM}
26 Overjoyed on ship to get sauce (7) KETCHUP {KETCH}{UP}
27 Soldiers in pursuit, failing to get renegade (8) DEFECTOR {DEFECT}{OR}
28 This place's tranquillity captivates men (6) RESORT {RES{OR}T} Semi&lit

2   Take care of sister (5) NURSE [DD]
3   Doctor under pressure to withdraw notice for dummy medicine (7) PLACEBO {P}{LACE}{OB<=}
4   Appeal in monastery to get precedence (8) PRIORITY {PRIOR{IT}Y}
5   Drunk guy's struggle to go round like one outstanding acrobat! (9,6) TIGHTROPE WALKER {TIGHT}{ROPE} {WA{LiKE}R}
6   Repeat performance by upcoming amateur (6) REPLAY {REP}{LAY} (Correction - {PER<=}{LAY})
7   Edgy after batting gets tough (7) INTENSE {IN}{TENSE}
8   Firm charged one for design (9) INTENTION {INTENT}{ION}
14 Gripe about including corrupt for special treatment (9) PRIVILEGE {PRI{VILE}GE*}
16 Officer training the regiment's leader to be smarter (8) BRIGHTER {BRIG}{THE*}{Re...t}
18 Weave fishing net near port (7) ENTWINE {NET*}{WINE}
20 Schoolgirl's received high English scores (7) SLASHES {H}{E} in {LASS}* (Correction - {S}{LAS{H}{E}S} - See comments)
21 Encourage sport as part of drill (6) PROMPT {P{ROMP}T}
24 Excellent meal consumed silently (5) SUPER SUPpER


Tuesday, 14 March 2017

No 11954, Tuesday 14 Mar 2017, Aspartame

9   Politico camps with doctor protesting for administrative body (10,5) DIPLOMATIC CORPS {POLITICO+CAMPS+DR}*
10 Y-young teetotaller’s drink with setter (7) YTTRIUM {Y}{TT}{R{I}UM}
12 Beverages you finally brought home (7) CHATEAU {CHA}{TEA}{yoU}
13 Heartbreaking movie 'Motion' allegedly smuggled (9) EMOTIONAL [T]
14 Spy has one American dish (5) RAITA {RA{1}T}{A}
15 Half the battalion killed by weird fragment (7) ODDMENT {ODD}{regiMENT}
18 Turn clipped gun (7) REVOLVE REVOLVEr
21 Eastern seas waves get calmer (5) EASES {E}{SEAS}*
23 Lively Frenchman about to win one hundred (9) ENERGETIC {RENE<=}{GET}{1}{C}
25 Food discount request to be considered (7) SCALLOP {S{CALL}OP}
26 Practice at home (7) HABITAT {HABIT}{AT}
29 Test without class toppers' score? Not happening! (11,4) EXCLAMATION MARK {EX{C}AM}{A1+NOT}* {MARK} (Correction - {EX{CLass}AMinATION} - See comments)

1   Editor at Germany extremely nervous (4) EDGY {ED}{Ge...nY}
2   Skewer to crackle (4) SPIT [DD]
3   I'm about to enter accommodating homeland (8) DOMICILE {DO{I'M<=}CILE}
4   Ordinary person when put down? (6) LAYMAN {LAY}{MAN} Person on double duty
5   Round folder (8) CIRCULAR [DD]
6   Clear one rotten pastry (6) ECLAIR {CLEAR+1}*
7   Unfettered desire for independence (8) FREEWILL {FREE}{WILL}
8   Oversized copper gets long-overdue kiss (8) OSCULATE {OS}{CU}{LATE}
11 Starts treating underage mother — identifies diaphragm being swollen (5) TUMID Acrostic
15 Movement that can rip pants? (8) O?E?S?E? OVERSTEP [CD] - See comments
16 Sort out mail (8) DESPATCH [DD]
17 Article on Spain's model-actor (8) THESPIAN {THE}{SPAIN}*
19 Thug mostly gave returns with a guarantee (8) VAGABOND {GAVe<=}{A}{BOND}
20 There you go! Empty space finally given away to the Spanish (5) VOILA {VOI(-d+la)LA}
22 Sly criminal took vehicle to find one who frequents woods (6) SYLVAN {SLY*}{VAN}
24 Chieftain to retire if a riot becomes national (6) ETHNIC CHiEfTaIN*
27 What model wife traded to become warmer (4) THAW (-w+t)THA(-t+w)W Definition is iffy
28 Brute king wearing accessory for the audience (4) TYKE {K} in {TYE}(~tie)