Friday, 21 April 2017

No 11987, Friday 21 Apr 2017, Gridman

7   At times it goes to the head of a politician in India (5,3) CLOTH CAP Anno pending [CD] See comments
8   Shoo MP away with grunts (6) OOMPHS*
10 Consumer goes around old city for moneylender (6) USURER {US{UR}ER}
11 Can be depended on lier turning to get fit (8) RELIABLE {LIER}*{ABLE}
12 Where one might be safe in a burning situation (4,4) FIRE AREA [CD]
13 Difference of opinion on publicity lacking guidance (6) ADRIFT {AD}{RIFT}
14 What a man does with a woman to get to know her (4,3) ASKS OUT [CD]
16 Fans make fuss about rupees (7) ADORERS {ADO}{RE}{RS}
19 Stopped and wrote out (4,2) DREW UP [DD]
21 Takes over and happens to have no right food (8) OCCUPIES {OCCUr}{PIES}
23 Guests worried about engineer's signs (8) GESTURES {GUESTS}* around {RE}
24 Endless stigma around success in island (6) TAHITI {sTA{HIT}In}
25 National for whom I get help back within two nights (6) INDIAN {I}{N}{AID<=}{N}
26 Cad in rush fixed part of shoe anew (8) REHEELED  {RE{HEEL}ED}

1   Medical specialist left with no urges? (7,7) PLASTIC SURGEON {NO+URGES}*
2   Courses for some racetrack officials (8) STARTERS [DD]
3   Batsman who hits one-fifth of a century? (6) SCORER [DD]
4   Bushes cause anger in health resorts (7) SPIREAS {SP{IRE}AS}
5   Where measures of jet fuel are stored (8) ?O?L?A?D (Addendum - COALYARD [CD] - See comments)
6   Harm one man's mate (6) IMPAIR {1}{M}{PAIR}
9   The man will have hectic father role quite fast (4,3,7) HELL FOR LEATHER {HE'LL} {FATHER+ROLE}*
15 Greek character up with match dropping a piece of arbitration (8) UMPIRING {MU<=}{PaIRING}
17 Criminal record knocks man (foreigner) (3,5) RAP SHEET {RAP S}{HE}{ET}
18 Keep company with cheat - very right! (7) CONSORT {CON}{SO}{RT}
20 Where comedian's greeting man (6) WITHIN {WIT}{HI}{N} N for Man? See comments
22 Fielder's feat by youth is easily remembered (6) CATCHY {CATCH}{Y}



  1. 21A- I think it should be {occu(pie)s}

  2. 20d man-> chessman has been discussed a month or so ago. nobleman to man is a representative of times perhaps.

    5d. is jetfuel -> liquified coal acceptable? it is no common technology to fall under GK

    1a. reference to khadi topi perhaps. but cotton cap to cloth cap?

    1. 'jet' here is 'black'.

    2. 7A: CD with, as Prasad mentioned, reference to khadi(cloth)
      When I solved it first , I was forever dallying with Nehru cap until the other crossing letters helped

    3. I thought of 'khadi cap' or 'Gandhi cap'. Of coures, there is also a present day variation AAP.

  3. Replies
    1. I could not connect coal with jet fuel until I saw CV's note. Nice.
      Fairly straightforward and quick one to start the run- only 3 nowadays!

    2. 3? I thought it is 4...
      4 each for Gridman and Arden

  4. 17D- ET is alien, extended to foreign man?

  5. 26A - Def is 'fixed part of shoe anew'
    21A - Not sure how this works. Happens is occurs, Food is pie... but 'no right' must precede 'have'?

    1. I agree 21a is less than perfect. Didn't notice it in checks/rechecks. But saw it as I took in the Col's anno above and before your aised the question.

  6. You're right about 26a. The Col is busy and might refine it when he is back.

  7. 7 I think it's just a GK type clue
    8 How grunts = oomphs?
    1 Why left with?

  8. 1A-'with' appears to be anind. But left?