Friday, 31 October 2014

No.11228, Friday 31 Oct 2014, Arden

Arden's delightful fourth has  long words and phrases beautifully handled. I almost thought this was a themed one: parliaments (how about installing hammocks in parliament?), old official/leader,

1 Disgruntled chaplain, ignoring an Islamic leader (6) CALIPH (CHAPLAIN-AN)*
         IS al-Baghdadi an example? Incidentally, the word Caliph contains the name 1 caliph starting from the 2nd letter, with a length of 3 letters, and is the name of the 4th caliph: Ali ! It is also found in the alternative spelling Khalifa
4 Can teach English to you in Germany by correspondence (8) EDUCABLE (E DU CABLE)
9 Nut going away afternoon (6) NOGGIN (GOING* N)
10 Metal and Quartz form a grand structure (8) BASILICA (BA(for Barium) SILICA)
12 One can wear something white as an old official (8) PALATINE (A TIN in PALE)
13 Scorched design, perhaps (6) SINGED (DESIGN*)
          Reminded me of an anecdote I had heard long back. A comedian (Groucho Marx?) had received a letter from a man requesting him to send a 'singed' photograph of his. Noting the spelling mistake, he gleefully took a photograph and using a cigarette lighter singed the edges and sent it. Promptly, another letter turned up: "Thank you for sending the signed photo, but I had asked for a singed one"
15 Jewish new year (4,8) ROSH HASHANAH (E/GK)
          Remembered from Harold Robbins books, where I came across a host of new words like Bar Mitzvah, Yom Kippur, Yarmulke, etc.
18 Smart to acquire processed mineral, making things simple (12) STREAMLINING (MINERAL* in STING)
21 Order a sail with a native Indian (6) OJIBWA (O JIB W A)
22 Hurry to encode (8) SCRAMBLE (2)
24 Destitute and loveless, a characteristic picture (8) PORTRAIT (POOR-O TRAIT)
25 6 — true representation of righteousness (6) VIRTUE (VI TRUE*)
26 Breaking code in bet — it's related (8) ANECDOTE (CODE* in ANTE)
          Ref. under 13a
27 Employed by a world body, absolutely new (6) UNUSED (UN USED)

1 Spin off participating in the central scheme (8) CONSPIRE (SPIN* in CORE)
2 Make it binding, say, among various allies (8) LEGALISE (EG in ALLIES*)
3 May be pertinent — what do you do in a wild party? (5,3,4,3) PAINT THE TOWN RED (PERTINENT WHAT DO)*
          I wonder which colour the colour-blind paint the town with ...
5 Stretch upward (4) DRAW (WARD<)
          I misread the first word as 'Sketch' and the clue still worked !
6 Dealt with antisocial — having an edge in making it illegal (15) CRIMINALISATION (RIM IN in ANTISOCIAL*)
7 Game for one newly married around midnight (6) BRIDGE (BRIDE around G)
          This is the word that links two of Arden's favourites: the ship and the card game
8 Garfunkel and Simon — somewhat horny creatures (6) ELANDS (T)
           Reverse order of the guys behind 'Silence of Sounds The' surprised me at first ! These guys were prescient - look, they predicted social media (ten thousand people, may be more - people talking without speaking), headphone/mobile usage that makes the user not to you when you talk directly with him/her (people hearing without listening), modern music (people writing songs that voices never share), computers/mobiles (the neon god that they had made) ...  
          On a different note, a lot of vehicle users in Bangalore are horny creatures too ...
11 Parliament seeks not to drop opposition leader after assembly (7) KNESSET (SEEKS NOT-O)*
14 Just the thing for retired swingers (7) HAMMOCK (CD)
16 Complaint when one perishes without help (8) DIABETES (DIES outside ABET)
17 Fit a tiny device initially in plant (8) AGUEWEED (AGUE WEE D)
19 Too much hype as it goes around a city (6) HOOPLA (HOOP LA)
20 May be Mary will go through it (6) PIERCE (2)
23 The thing that nourishes parliament (4) DIET (2)



Thanks Kishore for the excellent work on CWE-3 and congrats once again to all the participants. I accept the poisoned chalice with the hope that I can live upto the high standards set by CV sir and Kishore.  The baton has been handed to me at a perfect time since I am on vacation from 28-02 Nov to attend my sis-in-law’s marriage. So I will (hopefully) have more time to do justice to the task at hand.

Clue writing may not be rocket science but the word I’ve chosen this week definitely is and could not be any more Indian in keeping with the spirit of this contest. So get on the launch pad and let the countdown begin for “MANGALYAAN”. Please note that no other spelling variant of the given word is allowed.

A few guidelines: -
  • Two clues allowed per person but no edits or deletions once entered.
  • Closing time 2359 on Friday (31 Oct 14). If things go as per plan I will be posting the results sometime after lunch on 1st Nov.
  • Complete annotation mandatory, no matter how obvious.
  • I would like to try something different in picking the winners this time. One set of top clues will be picked by me (Critic’s choice if you will) and other set selected by popular vote. For the latter, I request everyone, participants or otherwise, to take the effort to mail me their pick for the top three positions (excluding your own clues, of course) by 1200 noon on 1st Nov 14. Reasons for your choices may be given but not mandatory. Would very much prefer that this is mailed to me and not posted as comments, so that others are not influenced. I will work out some point system (not yet decided) to declare the winners in the popular category as well as the overall top three. My id –
  • The privilege (?) of conducting the next contest would go to the overall winner decided by a points system averaging my score and the popular choice score.
  • What I am primarily looking for, other than the standard clue writing basics, are seamless surfaces and innovative definitions, which is easier said than done for such words. A dash of humor would definitely be an added bonus.
Happy clueing and hope the response this time round is as enthusiastic as for the earlier CWEs. All the best everyone, let the games begin ….

Note by CV: Yesterday Maddy suggested how he would like MOM being used in caps as def and in surface reading. I have attempted one - a non-competition entry. I have also hastily drawn a sketch.