Thursday, 26 April 2018

No 12301, Thursday 26 Apr 2018, Arden

Answer and anno for 15D left for a rookie commenter till 10AM.

1   Perhaps Laurence Olivier was a multi-faceted personality (3,2,4,5) MAN OF MANY PARTS [C&DD]
10 Redeem when it's lunch hour (5) ATONE {AT ONE}
11 Plant and animal featured in movie (9) CELANDINE {C{ELAND}INE}
Flower October 2008-1.jpg
By Alvesgaspar (talk) - Self-photographed, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
12 Greet, enter, clear a subject (7) CHILEAN {C{HI}LEAN}
13 Sensible? Sue can't become one (7) NUTCASE* Semi&lit
14 Quickly gets hard, a few times, say (5) TRICE ThRICE Reverse deletion
16 It's a lot — not even once husband is charged (9) OCTILLION {OnCe}{TILL}{ION}
19 Clerk, writer and tout (3-6) PEN-PUSHER {PEN}{PUSHER}
20 Tree under a small enclosure (5) ASPEN {A}{S}{PEN}
22 Offend American spy, call him an old woman (7) FUSSPOT {ofF}{US}{SPOT}
25 He never won in trials or any other event (4-3) ALSO-RAN [CD] [T] See comments
27 Complaint about cooked macaroni (9) CARCINOMA {C}{MACARONI*}
28 Sea and land, ultimately there is difference (5) BRINE BRIN(-g+e)E
29 Another friend takes interest, distinctively (14) DIFFERENTIALLY {DIFFERENT}{I}{ALLY}

2   One overthrow, one bats onit is what John Brown wanted (9) ABOLITION {A}{LOB<=}{1}{T{1}ON} Not sure of anno (Addendum - {A}{LOB<=}{1}{ON+IT}* - See comments)
3   Flower grown in the valley, exotic (5) OXEYE [Y<=]
Leucanthemum vulgare 'Filigran' Flower 2200px.jpg
By Photo by and (c)2008 Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man). Co-attribution must be given to the Chanticleer Garden. - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
4   Sheer nonsense about Charlie protecting you from rain (9) MACINTOSH {MA{C}IN}{TOSH}
5   Material to tailor — only new (5) NYLON {ONLY+N}*
6   Smoke makes one break a bone (9) PANATELLA {P{AN}ATELLA}
Image result for panatella
7   Not tense, one under strain gets something to eat (5) RAITA {tRAIT}{A}
8   Man with Bible in church, by mid evening becomes a boozer (7) SHEBEEN {S{HEB}EE}{eveNing}
9   Charm of the maiden playing Tosca (6) MASCOT {M}{COSTA*}
15 Supply with grace, overlap provides balance (9) E?U?P?I?E (Addendum -EQUIPOISE {EQUI(P)OISE} - See comments)
17 Shift manager in Times, she is terrible (9) TERMAGANT {T}{MANAGER*}{T}
18 Just average, within a limit, perhaps (9) IMPARTIAL {PAR} in {A+LIMIT}*
19 Meet in school, looking serious (2-5) PO-FACED {PO{FACE}D}
21 French city's name in the back (6) NANTES {NA{N}TES}
23 Typeface shoots up (5) SERIF<=
24 Big breakthrough, article is for them (5) THOSE {TH{OS}E}
26 Arabs free Israeli (5) SABRA*


Wednesday, 25 April 2018

No 12300, Wednesday 25 Apr 2018, Arden

Answer and anno for 8D left for a rookie commenter till 10AM.

1   Fear gripped the novice, started turning red (7) SCARLET {SCAR{L}E}{Tu...g}
5   Countryman keeps Ireland at heart, is bonhomous (7) PEASANT PlEASANT
9   More time — takes time after 10 (5) EXTRA {E{X}{T}RA}
10 River snake by mistake gets in, you hear a hiss (9) RASPBERRY {R}{ASP}{B{ERR}Y}
11 Forced open to get dramatic scene rehearsed (9) PRACTISED {PR{ACT}ISED}
12 Associate, say comes into some money (3-2) TIE-IN {T{IE}IN}
13 Bachelor provided female with clout (4) BIFF {B}{IF}{F}
15 Foolish action he is immature (8) INCHOATE*
18 A pose — we are not American, so to speak (2,2,4) AS IT WERE {A}{SIT}{WE aRE}
19 Showing insolence, swallowing fish (4) SOLE [T]
Lined sole.jpg
Public Domain, Link
22 Writing song, only cowboys like it (5) RODEO {R}{ODE}{O}
24 Back date, overlooking a medieval battle scene (9) AGINCOURT {COURT} behind {AGIN}
26 Happy to be outside home in Asia, perhaps (9) CONTINENT {CONT{IN}ENT}
27 Engineer not born, trained to rule (5) REIGN ENGIneeR*
28 Idea — ideated some time back (7) THOUGHT [CD]
29 Wanted to hear story on media boss (7) YEARNED (~yarn){YEARN}{ED} Iffy homophone

1   One in the mountains has got her well covered (6) SHERPA {S{HER}PA}
2   They give you the odds, do you finally sign? (9) ACTUARIES {ACT}{yoU}{ARIES}
3   Pounced to block a penny being pinched (5) LEAPT {LE{A}{P}T}
4   Islet gate? (9) TURNSTILE {ISLET}* [RA]
5   Sat up inside, so pleasant (5) POSED [T<=]
6   A disadvantage without say, opener’s right to get top score (9) ALBATROSS {A}{L{BAT}{R}OSS}
7   OK on divided time (5) AGREE {AG{RE}E}
8   Flirting is considered feminine in China, while wearing clothes (6) T?Y?N? (Addendum - TOYING - {TO{YIN}G} - See comments)
14 Sounding nothing, thing covers home basically (9) FATHOMING {FA}{TH{hOMe}ING}
16 Subject of how relationships work (9) CHEMISTRY [C&DD]
17 Earthling, all in true form (9) TELLURIAN*
20 Knitted material made from coir, featured in Times (6) TRICOT {T}{COIR*}{T}
21 Way one departed on a trip (6) STONED {ST}{ONE}{D}
23 Wrongdoing by wild creature (5) DINGO*
24 Parry over exposed in painting (5) AVERT {A{oVEr}RT}
25 Curtained off, tend to go with church administration (5) CURIA CURtAIned*