Monday, 27 April 2015

No 11379, Monday 27 Apr 2015, Arden

Learnt some new words today and found wanting for some Anno's.

6   Measure of viscosity in bearing (5) POISE [DD]
7   He was Godless- in his heart composed (8) PAGANINI {PAGAN}{IN}{hIs} Thanks to Google
10 Limited choice- has to survive with something artificial (7) PLASTIC {P{LAST}ICk}
11 Highly revered Miss Moore rejected pet (7) DEMIGOD {DEMI}{GOD<=}
12 Fastness of dialect used (7) CITADEL*
13 Sort of sausage to keep one happy (7) ASSUAGE*
14 Letter saying it's used in the timber yard (8,3) CIRCULAR SAW {CIRCULAR} {SAW}
19 French nobleman forced Tom into crime (7) VICOMTE {VIC{TOM*}E}
21 Endless money poured in the drink- to put it in a poetic form (7) SESTINA {SE{lesS}{TIN}A} Not sure if anno is correct
23 Sensible to keep out such a habit (7) SOUTANE {S{OUT}ANE} New word for me
25 Reduces regulation- so disqualified self (7) RECUSED*
26 Come into building sporting a smile or a frown (8) EMOTICON*
27 Girl spurning writer, will run away (5) ELOPE penELOPE

1   Huge boat for a stunt (8) GIGANTIC {GIG}{ANTIC}
2   Won over setter, who is oddly, retired (6) BESTED {BE{SeTtEr}D}
3   A religious practice of producing nectar (10) APICULTURE {A}{PI}{CULTURE} Practice on double duty
4   The old summoned when powerless (4) AGED pAGED
5   Hard to understand or imagine headless characters (6) ENIGMA iMAGINE*
6   Very quick to capture a pawn and pontificate (6) PAPACY {P{A}{P}ACY}
8   Siemens engineered scourge (7) NEMESIS*
9   Run in stockings, cutting tailend off snake (5) ADDER lADDER
13 People's protest makes horse jump (10) ARABSPRING {ARAB}{SPRING} Anno Enumeration should have been (4,6)
15 Safe place for some of the butter, perhaps (7) RAMPART {RAM}{PART}
16 Panel's version- Isaac Newton's not sane (8) WAINSCOT {IsaAC neWTON'S}*
17 A vessel incorporates safety first- called to stop at sea (5) AVAST {A}{VA{Sa...y}T}
18 In the fence, two days in a row (6) PADDLE {PA{DD}LE}
20 Key game, but lousy (6) CRUMMY {C}{RUMMY}
22 Venerated Bolshevik under fire, it's said (6) SACRED (~sack){SAC}{RED}
24 Inscribe picture on church (4) ETCH {ET}{CH}


Sunday, 26 April 2015

Special, Sunday 26 Apr 2015, Gigabyte

Three answers per commenter (Annotations compulsory) till 6 PM
As far as possible please provide all your answers in one comment.

1.   First deputy is sick within and second deputy engulfs everyone to delay (5-5)
6.   Accountant and editor scored highly (4)
8.   Push to make Tom leave upset, to agitate (5,2)
9.   Girl is returning brown pigment (6)
10. Captivated by the moon, amazed it is celebrated. (4)
11. Potter with energy makes for the highest branches (7)
12. Baked ______________ is a cake essentially (6)
13. Learnt without limits to make money (4)
17. Source background illumination not essential to Braille writing code (6)
18. Mother sits in vehicle made ready for the road surface. (6)
20. Cheese makes for no small feast. (4)
23. A California spy agency finds a shrub (6)
24. Ask for help to undo eye make-up (4,3)
25. Solicit praise (4)
26. Two old boys after heroin and narcotics primarily to socialize (6)
27. A bald person would not need this when the rain falls (4,3)
28. Honesty that does not begin causes distress. (4)
29. Copy after my story for imitation of nature (10)

1.   Princess’s husband returned station’s television service provider (4,1,1)
2.   Half of love is consumed by a tendency for a stimulating agent (9)
3.   This star is a magical being between primarily you and I (1,8)
4.   Automobile baron from a teetotaller (religious leader) (1,1,4)
5.   Men say about someone who nods in agreement (6)
6.   A rotten egg in Aam Aadmi Party indicates a time lag (3,3)
7.   Doctor am at Indo-China border – it’s striking  (8)
14. Obama’s pet when contained has a right to terminate (5)
15. Carbon and Tellurium added to Barium could cause disease (9)
16. Early action of mercy on one boy (9)
17. Rest to respire with resistance (8 )
19. Anna can throw in a plant (6)
20. Chubby Robert Harley (3,3)
21. God Defend New Zealand is sung by half the workers and them (6)
22. Good manners without love and energy is only a formal gesture (6)

Across Lite version can be accessed at GIGABYTE 4