Thursday, 27 July 2017

No 12070, Thursday 27 Jul 2017, Buzzer

Z short of a Pangram. Spent ages trying to fit in a X,Y and Z in 1D and 10A which were the last ones in.

6   Test the result of 6 + 5 + 1 ÷ 5 + 0 (4,4) VIVA VOCE {VI}{V}{A} {V}{O}CE Anno for CE not clear (Addendum - {VI}{V}{A {V}{O}CE} - See comments)
9   Get by manipulation and with spin (6) WANGLE {W}{ANGLE}
10 Time period of being joyful (4) JULY JoYUfL* [RA]
11 Nothing odd about English (3,4,3) NOT EVEN ONE {NOT EVEN} {ON}{E}
12 Mean one channelling spirits (6) MEDIUM [DD]
14 Dismiss regret ill-mannered person expressed (4,3) RULE OUT  (~ rue lout)
15 Wed Jan 1 morn, I'm into new year (4,2,9) JOIN IN MATRIMONY {JAN+1+MORN+IM+INTO}*{Y}
18 Calls for a meeting (7) TELECON [CD]
20 Vatican City educated by first authority on holy books (6) VEDIST {V}{ED}{1ST}
22 Dear me, an absurd question breaks overemotional responder (5,5) DRAMA QUEEN {DEAR+ME+AN}* over {QU}
23 Leaves and fruits man picked off (4) GOES manGOES
24 Excerpt from maybe a Nietzsche, it goes over one's head (6) BEANIE [T]
25 Attempt to arrest big overwhelming goon primarily for violence (8) THUGGERY {T{HUG{Goon}E}RY}

1   Soft manner, cover often? (4) WAXY {WA{X}Y}
2   Solver no good, one missing capital clue for boy (5,3) YOUNG MAN {YOU}{N}{G} {MAiN}
3   Son to marry at the end of April in turn (6) SWIVEL {S}{WIVE}{a..iL}}
4   Details of run-in for mediator lacking awareness (10) UNINFORMED [T]
5   In preparation, hundred thousand drifters at sea (8) PLANKTON {PLAN}{K}{TON}
7   Occupied by negatives endlessly (2,3) IN USE mINUSEs
8   Show board staff indulging in corruption (13) ENTERTAINMENT {ENTER}{TAIN{MEN}T}
13 Press malign fine British writer (3,7) IAN FLEMING*
16 No great shakes taking time and achieving aim (2,6) ON TARGET {NO+GREAT}*{T}
17 Dance party over, sense of being famished (8) RAVENOUS {RAVE}{NOUS}
19 Fellow losing heart, shy to flirt (6) COQUET {CO}{QUiET}
21 Spot burn mark on the inside (5) SMEAR {S{M}EAR}
23 One billion going far even with regular losses (4) GIGA {GoInG+fAr}


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

No 12069, Wednesday 26 Jul 2017, Gridman

1   Catch sight of short lass exiting troubled Plassey (4) ESPY PlasSEY*
3   Group of actors at the French building (6) CASTLE {CAST}{LE}
10 Difficulty of math exercise (7) PROBLEM [DD]
11 My principal officer gets traitor's endless collections of text (7) CORPORA {COR}{P}{O}{RAt}
12 Rapidity of ocean areas reviewed (5) SPEED<=
13 A teetotaller worker about to wind up as domestic aid (9) ATTENDANT {A}{TT}{END}{ANT}
14 A hospital section's trophy (5) AWARD {A}{WARD}
16 Salad green I had for a girl (8) CRESSIDA {CRESS}{I'D}{A}
19 Casual wearit's there crumpled (8) TEESHIRT*
21 Attachment to a snack of our country (5) BONDA {BOND}{A}
23 One who brokers is reportedly chap with a decoration (9) MIDDLEMAN (~ medal man)
24 Indications that there's good among wrongdoings (5) SIGNS {SI{G}NS}
26 Touching brown sahib? (7) TANGENT {TAN}{GENT}
27 American comedian's bunch not complete with south Indian actor-politician (7) GROUCHO {GROUp}{CHO}
28 Calm session beginning with oriental girlfriend (6) SEDATE {Se...n}{E}{DATE}
29 Bird takes cap off swindler (4) ROOK cROOK

1   By the way, partners overtake worker (2,7) EN PASSANT {E}{N} {PASS}{ANT}
2   Delve into prince's dress (5) PROBE {P}{ROBE}
4   Albert oversees team, in a rush, engaged in eating food (2,4) AT MEAL {A{TEAM*}L}
5   Silent Tom back with one act (8) TACITURN {CAT<=}{1}{TURN}
6   Darren's botched-up jobs (7) ERRANDS*
7   Girl, having covers, dropped daughter and moved smoothly (6) GLIDED {G}{LIDdED}
8   No working about Iranian language's symbolic system (8) NOTATION {NO}{TATI}{ON}
9   Fraction of pawn's skill (4) PART {P}{ART}
15 A man's finishing editorial work (8) AMENDING {A}{M}{ENDING}
17 It's not that one should do this job for all of 24 hours (1,4,4) A DAYS WORK [CD]
18 Expert's French word journalist put up (8) PROMOTED {PRO}{MOT}{ED}
20 Assistants to round up sheep, left and right (7) HELPERS {SHEEP+L+R}*
21 Cleric, not all of a piece, hops madly (6) BISHOP {BIt}{HOPS*}
22 Time to retire reported by Sir (6) KNIGHT (~ night)
23 Master consumed one of a pair (4) MATE {M}{ATE}
25 Lizard with energy, grabbing small, no-special piece (5) GECKO  {spECK} in {GO} They give me the creeps!