Wednesday, 24 August 2016

No 11785, Wednesday 24 Aug 2016, Gridman

1   Indian peace beginning to envelop small hovels (8) SHANTIES {SHANTI}{En...p}{S}
5   Sailors regularly upbraidsilly! (6) ABSURD {ABS}{UpbRaiD}
10 With the front exposed, female champion's essentially couth (4,3) FACE OUT  {F}{ACE} {cOUTh}
11 Nothing to fasten on, taking one's point of view (7) OPINION {O}{PIN}{1}{ON}
12 News is finally she's leaving dieting reschedule (6) TIDING DIeTING*
13 What an optimist won't see (4,4) DARK SIDE [CD]
15 Former shahdom one managed (4) IRAN {1}{RAN}
16 Initiative to rise, then leave (3,2,3,2) GET UP AND GO {GET UP} {AND} {GO}
18 Almost finished — when the fifth ball has been bowled? (6,4) NEARLY OVER [C&DD]
20 Forbids graduate Poles (4) BANS {BA}{N}{S}
23 Sirens' Indian litany and postscript (8) MANTRAPS {MANTRA}{PS}
24 Ahead of moon mission? (6) APOLLO {A}{POLL}{O}
26 Charms with conclusions about listener (7) ENDEARS {END{EAR}S}
27 Each vacuous swamy with one new runaway? (4,3) EASY WIN {EA}{SwamY} {W}{1}{N}
28 Most judicious saint taking a very long time (6) SAGEST {S{AGES}T}
29 Chairperson perhaps is live in public relations (8) PRESIDER {P{RESIDE}R}

1   Sub having feisty manner runs with assurance of one in a crowd (6,2,7) SAFETY IN NUMBERS {SUB+FEISTY+MANNER}*
2   A car turns to help back in rural setting (7) ARCADIA {A}{CAR*}{AID<=}
3   Tamil leader, calloused, is difficult to deal with (6) THORNY {Ta..l}{HORNY}
4   Has capacity for limitless refreshments (4) EATS [DD] (Addendum - sEATS - See comments)
6   Blunt criticism of brother, so nasty, joining club (8) BRICKBAT {BR}ICK{BAT}
7   Whole group, falling short, given food around 1 (7) UNIFIED {UNIt}{F{1}ED}
8   Where on the road it isn't quite safe to take a turn (9,6) DANGEROUS CORNER [E]
9   It doesn't tickle me, I am ... ... (3,6) NOT AMUSED [FITB]
14 Coed's poem laid threadbare as rot (9) DECOMPOSE*
17 They lead to Rome proverbially (3,5) ALL ROADS [GK]
19 First class ground not proper and not right for Japanese canine (4,3) AINU DOG {A1}{GrOUND*}
21 A couple of learners still had to pay — let it go (7) ALLOWED {A}{LL}{OWED}
22 Health resort's station masters are in fits (6) SPASMS {SPA}{SMS}
25 Noble look (4) PEER [DD]


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

No 11784, Tuesday 23 Aug 2016, Gridman

1   Is one holding armour a Muslim? (7) ISMAILI {IS}{MAIL}{1}
5   At opening of Golconda, escort is an excessive talker (6) GUSHER {Go...a}{USHER}
9   Is breathless for trousers (5) PANTS [DD]
10 Parotta I rolled over top of vessel for singer (9) PAVAROTTI {PAROTTA+I}* over {Ve...l}

11 English parliamentarian's row is without substance all the more (7) EMPTIER {E}{MP}{TIER}
12 Russian and the French go after special Indian mollusk (7) SPIRULA {SP}{I}{RU}{LA}
13 Always, that is haunting (5) EERIE {EER}{IE}
14 Ken leaped adroitly, for flooded water was that much (5-4) ANKLE-DEEP*
16 Casual workers admitted overdue models (9) TEMPLATES {TEMP{LATE}S}
19 Almost hand over one to Vietnamese city (5) HANOI {HANd}{O}{1}
21 Went for fishing after tea — didn't get it straight (7) TANGLED {T}{ANGLED}
23 Publicity official having a last account proving to be unyielding (7) ADAMANT {AD{A}MAN}{a...nT}
24 I hope sago slips through inner tubes (9) OESOPHAGI*
25 Banish from the French island (5) EXILE {EX}{ILE}
26 Dotards losing right are mad and in disagreement (2,4) AT ODDS DOTArDS*
27 Reportedly stimulate perception (7) INSIGHT (~ incite)

1   Carrying out plan of workers in simple station without police (14) IMPLEMENTATION {sIMPLE}{MEN}{sTATION}
2   State where main displacement is almost flawless (7) MANIPUR {MAIN*}{PURe}
3   Urge on to great things in part of church (7) INSPIRE {IN}{SPIRE}
4   Bring in worker of significance (9) IMPORTANT {IMPORT}{ANT}
5   Joe's garment, torn off, crumples (5) GIVES {GI}{VESt}
6   Armed force's assistance (7) SERVICE [DD]
7   Pump up player in this way taking part in middle of meet (7) ENTHUSE {N}{THUS} in {mEEt}
8  Girl's date is a failure (14) DISAPPOINTMENT {DI'S}{APPOINTMENT}
15 Hail Kiwis flaunting a Bantu language (9) KISWAHILI*
17 Military Intelligence dents unconventional way of thinking (4-3) MIND-SET {MI}{ND-SET*}
18 Little young daughter pockets father's floater (4,3) LILY PAD {LIL}{Y} {PA}{D}
19 The man's secreted silly dear's initial letters (7) HEADERS {DEAR}* in {HE'S}
20 Getting closer to almost grab a precious ornament (7) NEARING {NEt}{A}{RING}
22 Faces dismal order sacking military leader (5) DIALS DISmAL*