Tuesday, 28 July 2015

No 11458, Tuesday 28 Jul 2015, Gridman

RIP Dr Abdul Kalam

1   Animal skin in reserve in safe place (8) HIDEAWAY {HIDE}{AWAY}
5   Almost mention America's reputation (6) STATUS {STATe}{US}
10 Shall we sound green? (7) LETTUCE (~let us)
11 Abjectly servile son's over-indulgent (7) SLAVISH {S}{LAVISH}
12 Lifted the article (without head) by newspaperman (6) HEFTED {tHE}{FT}{ED}
13 Strained voice in squabble following trip not being completed (8) FALSETTO {FALl}{SET TO}
15 Big lie: No female's up to the task (4) ABLE fABLE
16 Excellent vehicle for good old ship employee-trader (10) SUPERCARGO {SUPER}{CAR}{G}{O}
18 Niche I can't yield to the craftsman (10) TECHNICIAN*
20 Fourth letter and the fifth returned? One needs time to correct (4) EDIT {abcDE<=}{1}{T}
23 Pro's to-do to put up lintel support (8) DOORPOST*
24 Mask that is knocked over deliberately? (6) DOMINO [DD]
26 Measure lawyers try to ban (7) EMBARGO {EM}{BAR}{GO}
27 Railway track employee turns over conventioneer's pin-on (4,3) NAME TAG <=
28 Levels precious stone left out of plan (6) STRATA STRATAgem
29 Short boy, white, trips badly on vessel's prow (8) BOWSPRIT {BOy}{W}{TRIPS*}

1   When 50 per cent of willingness is absent (4-11) HALF-HEARTEDNESS [CD]
2   Conscientiously compliant in saying “levy complete” (7) DUTIFUL (~duty full)
3   Employer follows sailor — one who might mistreat (6) ABUSER {AB}{USER}
4   Got on with a good engineering design, for starters (4) AGED Acrostic
6   Carry on business with security group in field (8) TRANSACT {TRA{NSA}CT}
7   Giggle about women in social network (7) TWITTER {T{W}ITTER}
8   Is it where pupils get ideas? (6,2,7) SCHOOL OF THOUGHT [CD]
9   Relaxed ace at rest in station wagon (6,3) ESTATE CAR*
14 Heir's victory on operating room (9) SUCCESSOR {SUCCESS}{OR}
17 Encourage — apparently thus when you can't be at a place where you should be? (8) INSPIRIT [CD]
19 Defeat Chennai's top tennis player, at times (7) CLOBBER {Ch...i}{LOBBER}
21 Nomad more ironic about newspaper (7) DRIFTER {DRI{FT}ER}
22 Orderly universe of commanding officers and medical officers (6) COSMOS {CO'S}{MO'S}
25 And the German officer's to cancel an action (4) UNDO {UND}{O}


Monday, 27 July 2015

No 11457, Monday 27 Jul 2015, Gridman

1   Guaranteed a wretched duress (7) ASSURED {A}{DURESS*}
5   Piece about second Election Commission cut (6) BISECT {BI{S}{EC}T}
9   Study follows a measure of German seaport (5) EMDEN {EM}{DEN}
10 How an arithmetician is included, presumably (7,2) COUNTED ON [CD] (Correction COUNTED IN [CD] - See comments)
11 Every ogre banished at a brisk speed (7) ALLEGRO {ALL}{OGRE*}
12 TT wear? (7) DOUBLET {DOUBLE T}
13 Bad things administered in small quantities (5) DOSES [DD]
14 Criticise girl's dad changing gear (9) DISPARAGE {DI'S}{PA}{GEAR*}
16 Take into consideration distraught trainee holding the books (9) ENTERTAIN {E{NT}ERTAIN*}
19 They have bare presence in art studios (5) NUDES [CD]
21 Pan perhaps, and union leader falls silent (7) UTENSIL {Un..n}{SILENT*}
23 Authorise eastern politician to get debtor (7) EMPOWER {E}{MP}{OWER}
24 A teacher returns to let out philosopher (9) ARISTOTLE {A}{RIS<+}{TO}{LET*}
25 National leaders of Indian republic are quite infuriated (5) IRAQI Acrostic
26 Overlook police officer's refusal to engineer (6) IGNORE {IG}{NO}{RE}
27 Christmas tradition — say you will record (4,3) YULE LOG (~you'll){YULE} {LOG}

1   Drink anon and strangely rude, uppity Uncle blended for novelist (9,5) ALEXANDRE DUMAS {ALE}{X}{AND}{RE DU*}{MAS<=}
2   Restricts theologian involved in deals (7) SADDLES {SA{DD}LES}
3   Withdraws from these general retreats (7) RENEGES [T]
4   Conrad hid dangerously creeping perennial (9) DICHONDRA*
5   Certain to be tied up (5) BOUND [DD]
6   Fruit, a necessity when going up (7) SATSUMA {SA}{TSUM}{A}<=
7   Mark up everything on the first of the last month (7) CEDILLA {CED}{1}{LLA}<=
8   An overnighter's order for second helping or more (7,7) ANOTHER SERVING*
15 Way to end a letter because trust is needed (9) SINCERELY [CD]
17 Packed for yoking, by the sound of it (7) TEEMING (~teaming)
18 “Too much,” old teacher returns rice dish (7) RISOTTO {RIS}{O}{TTO}<=
19 Terrible plaint about union leader's congress (7) NUPTIAL {N{Un..n}PTIAL*}
20 We had gone up, fellow, with everyone to see deposition of moisture (7) DEWFALL {D'EW<=}{F}{ALL}
22 Brightened up on a liquid measure (5) LITRE {LIT}{RE}