Friday, 24 October 2014

No 11222, Friday 24 Oct 2014, Neyartha

Baseball's the flavour today. Have highlighted the terms that I know. No clue on  17d

1   Probationers upset at the taking back of a secreted substance (12) REABSORPTION*
8   Setback involving groups of African vectors (7) TSETSES {T{SETS}ES<=}
9   Heavy weapons remove pain in a blood vessel (6) ARTERY ARTillERY
11 Abundantly produced in Rev. Oberon's building (9) OVERBORNE*
12 Pitcher's location in the store (5) MOUND [DD]
14 Son follows fiery priest with hesitation to the innkeepers (9) HOTELIERS {HOT}{ELI}{ER}{S}
16 A troll amongst the progressives (4) OGRE [T]
18 Guide for king to get rid of the learner on the fence (4) WALK WAL(-l+k)K
19 Angry manager in dry surroundings with a shrew (9) TERMAGANT {T{MANAGER*}T}
21 Initially, Fatima loved your naughty niece's Irish surname (5) FLYNN Acrostic
22 Liberal gets benefit hosting the Department of Energy ball (9) PLENTEOUS {PL{ENT}{E}{O}US}
23 It may bring things to a standstill (6) STRIKE [CD]
25 Revolutionary support from Missouri and North Dakota for a 3 dn. field (7) DIAMOND {DIA<=}{MO}{ND}
26 Resist with dignity in balance (12) COUNTERPOISE {COUNTER}{POISE}

2   Literally simple lines overwhelm the right (11) ELEMENTALLY ELEMENTA(-r+ll)LLY
3   Dropped Tesla after loss of key court game, one made popular by America (8) BASEBALL BASkEtBALL Game on double duty
4   Blocking up with a robust net at sea (9) OBSTRUENT*
5   Panel for helping (5) PEACE [CD] ? (Addendum - PLATE [DD] - See comments)
6   Confidant and volunteers, on return, go missing after a while (2,4) IN TIME INTIMatE
7   Reportedly wear away a gate (3) NOR (~ gnaw)
8   A spouse who may be held aloft or put on display? (6,4) TROPHY WIFE [CD]
10 Notified about Edward's retweet being promoted (10) ADVERTISED Anno pending (Addendum - {ADV{E}{RT}ISED} - See comments)
13 Gun room Saul designed was not challenging (11) UNGLAMOROUS*
15 Divide to tackle the mistake brought up in the submission (9) SURRENDER {SU{RRE<=}NDER}
17 Abandoned annex after allegations fly in the capital (8) ?A?T?A?O (Addendum - SANTIAGO AlleGATIONS* - See comments)
20 Unmoved by letters from the captains I tutored (2,4) IN SITU [T]
22 Ruffle's a result of the Oriental being out of place in the panel (5) PLEAT PL(+e)EAT(-e)
24 Listener's stroke leads to a spasm (3) TIC (~ tick)



Congrats to the joint winners Maddy, Srivathsan and Raghunath and thanks to all who participated in CWE -2. A special thanks to CV for a stupendous analysis. Was away with guests for most of the day and came in late into the night (by my standards). 

Ok, friends, Indians, Maddy and Srivathsan (Raghunath, I think, will not mind since he has cleverly opted out) , though I am not 'the' winner of the previous CWE (others' clues were better by far), if you don't mind, I shall foolhardily venture to stick my neck out and pick up the proverbial gauntlet or as our DIY-COW friends call it, the Albatross (as in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner), and carry it (or them?) till I pass it/them on to the person who earns it, in my h.o., though my reviews may not be as sound or detailed as CV's. The winner will surely empathise with Joy, coupled with a realisation of  the daunting task ahead, when he encounters the Hindi words 'Haseen Dard' or the 'Delightful pain', which about describes the winner's state of mind.  

The good word, continuing the trend of Indian words,  that you need to tighten your belts with is CUMMERBUND. Please note that no other spelling variant of the given word is allowed. I am well known to have a rather high specific gravity at times, hence I request entrants to kindly give the full annotation, so that my denseness does not imperil their chances.

Finally, the fine print  (it is perfectly fine if you want to print it):
(What follows is a cut, paste and edit from CWE -2): One entry per person in the Comments section. Note that once posted the entry cannot be edited. Nor do I expect you to delete an entry and repost an edited clue. So think well before posting your clue. You have a lot of time - the closing time for this CWE is  Saturday, Oct 25,  23.59. Results may be posted post IXL submission on 26th.
The long duration is given so that more people can take part by using their spare time which may differ from person to person.

Finally, the winner may perhaps take on the mantle of conducting the next CWE at his/her own pace without being  deterred by time constraints or work pressure.