Saturday, 10 October 2015

No 11522, Saturday 10 Oct 2015, Arden


6 Crusade about employment (5) CAUSE {CA}{USE}
7 With two clubs boy's secure (8) IRONCLAD {IRON}{C}{LAD}
10 At the threshold, I'm in all kinds of trouble (7) LIMINAL {I'M IN ALL}*
11 Reported role of live choir performing indoors (7) BRIOCHE {B{CHOIR*}E} {~ROLL}

12 Listlessness in the manner rifle is retracted (7) BOREDOM {{BOR}{EDOM}<=}
13 Book on a new South Africa is god sent (7) BONANZA {B}{ON}{A}{N}{ZA}
14 Hole-and-corner cleaned, isn't dirty (11) CLANDESTINE {CLEANED ISNT}*
19 Apply — sure if Charlie becomes quiet (7) PERTAIN {(-c+P)ERTAIN}
21 Complaint over layers of mineral (7) BEDSORE {BEDS}{ORE}
23 The nocturnal creature managed to grab two hundred ducks (7) RACCOON {RA{CC}{OO}N}

25 Old lady's advice to place a bet (7) DOWAGER {DO}{WAGER}
26 Fellow's ire caught on camera (8) COVERAGE {COVE}{RAGE}
27 After change of heart use correctly (5) APTLY {AP{-p+T}LY}


1 Spice up routine with crime novel (8) TURMERIC {TUR<=}{CRIME*}

2 Writer took up study — it's enclosed (6) PENNED {PEN}{NED<=}
3 Stupid way to dress on the field (5,3,2) SILLY MID ON {SILLY} {MI}{D ON}
4 Half mixed curry (4) COMB {COMBined}
5 Dance with comic hero, in other words (6) CANCAN {TINTIN} Gives {CAN}{CAN}
6 Indonesian island's lost tribe, finally they are famous (6) CELEBS {CELEBeS}
8 It's red revolutionary China, bringing it up (7) CHIANTI {CHINA*}{TI<=}
9 Country starts naming eminent people as leaders (5) NEPAL (Acrostic)
13 They meddle with the vehicle and boy tragically loses his life (10) BUSYBODIES {BUS}{YBO*}{DIES}
15 Bachelor among singles — an Ormer, perhaps (7) ABALONE {A{BA}LONE}

16 “Felons essentially are linked to a scandal” — is to stretch it (8) ELONGATE {fELONs}{GATE}
17 Refuse egg before mid morning (5) SPURN {SPUR}{morNing}
18 Sell fish by chance (6) BETRAY {BET}{RAY}
20 Minister follows girl to a high official (6) RECTOR {Di}+{RECTOR}=High Official
22 Loose skin — wash with some water (6) DEWLAP {DEW}{LAP}
24 Well groomed // cattle (4) NEAT (DD)

Reference list

About=Ca, Club=C, Club=Iron, Live=Be, Book=B, New=N, South Africa=ZA, Charlie=C, Quiet=P, Managed=Ran, Hundred=C Duck=O 
Study=Den, Way=MI Vehicle=Bus, Bachelor=BA, Girl=Di

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Friday, 9 October 2015

No 11521, Friday 09 Oct 2015, Arden

1   Sea reached half the height in olden times (6) BALTIC {B{ALTItude}C}
4   A lawmaker takes time in court showing disrespect (8) CONTEMPT {C{ON{T}E}{MP}T}
9   Amateur initially learnt from Al Qaeda chief (6) LAYMAN {L}{AYMAN}
10 Money stolen leads to game's downfall (8) BUCKSHOT {BUCKS}{HOT}
12 Restricted force as looking serious (8) GRAVITAS {GRAVITy}{AS}
13 Very small and silent while getting in (6) MINUTE {M{IN}UTE}
15 Sex was the main issue in Wodehouse's work (6,6) MATING SEASON {MATING} {SEA}{SON}
18 Two options for Halloween... (5,2,5) TRICK OR TREAT [GK]
21 ...otherwise please pass (6) ELAPSE*
22 Drink before you leave with confidence (8) SUPEREGO {SUP}{ERE}{GO}
24 Attack tripo? (4,4) TEAR INTO {T{RIP}O} But what does TRIPO mean?
25 Some devotees have nothing — nothing on top (6) SHAVEN [T]
26 Began calling — calling and covering, reportedly (8) CRINGING {Ca...g}{RINGING}
27 Go with green revolution, years later (6)  ENERGY {GREEN}*{Y}

1   After first base everyone's willing to watch it (4,4) BALL GAME {Base}{ALL GAME} Semi&lit
2   Always drunk, leading those disheartened to ruin (3,5) LAY WASTE {LAY WAS}*{ThosE}
3   Fancy East Indian girls on top, for starters (7,8) ITALIAN DRESSING*
5   Here lies collective responsibility (4) ONUS &lit
6   Make hot tea in kitchenendure punishment (4,2,2,3,4) TAKE IT ON THE CHIN*
7   Handler's cry to replace mother with son (6) MAHOUT (-s+ma}MAHOUT Shouldn't that be 'replace son with mother'?
8   Having name like Doctor Doolittle and ignoring John (6) TITLED DoolITTLE*
11 Habit of putting animal in haystack (7) CASSOCK {C{ASS}OCK}
14 Able to work with a star (7) CANOPUS {CAN}{OPUS}
16 Cheat received representation (8) DECEIVER*
17 “One yet to hike rent”, admitted lawyer (8) ATTORNEY {A}{T{TORN}EY<=}
19 Initially placed in a group — those essentially sick and infected (6) SEPTIC {SE{Pl...d}T}{sICk}
20 Master of jurisprudence leads island nation (6) MALAWI {MA}{LAW}{I}
23 Shock with crazy build up (4) STUN <=