Thursday, 26 May 2016

No 11710, Thursday 26 May 2016, Buzzer

1   Plain genius, one outstanding fictional scientist (12) FRANKENSTEIN {FRANK}{EiNSTEIN}
8   Time to squeeze a criminal (4) THUG {T}{HUG}
9   Funny one at times is flat (10) MAISONETTE*
11 Army staff screened and classified (4,2) WANT AD {WAN{T A}D}
12 Set off with one friend to work out (8) ESTIMATE {SET*}{1}{MATE}
14 North America these days regressing for nothing (4) NADA {NA}{AD<=}
16 Bound through meadow unburdened (7) LEASHED {LEA}{SHED}
18 Foyer has grass spread around wall front to back (7) HALLWAY {H{(-w)ALL(+w)W}AY}
19 Land mass surrounded by Helsinki to the west (4) ISLE [T<=]
22 Was aware of food shop mentioned in capital city (3,5) NEW DELHI (~knew deli)
23 Single man losing heart in earnest (6) SOLEMN {SOLE}{MaN}
24 Represented thus, Indian? (10) HINDUSTANI* &lit
26 Intellect is not half bright (4) NOUS lumiNOUS
27 Arcade nearly built in 12 months (8,4) CALENDAR YEAR*

2   Hang-glider sailing across top of Times Square (5-6) RIGHT-ANGLED {HANG-GLIDER}* across {Ti..s}
3   Identified growing endless need (5) NAMED DEMANd<=
4   Size up over 50% of news in online journals (1-5) E-ZINES {E-ZI{NEws}S<=}
5   Kind to restrain hot head showing impatience (9) SHORTNESS {S{H}ORT}{NESS}
6   I say look at ... (3) EYE (~ i)
7   ... tastelessly showy man wearing crown (5) CHEAP {C{HE}AP}
10 Air temperature at first to hold within certain limits (6) TETHER {Te...e}{ETHER}
13 Guardroom is cell, an early imprisoning variety (11) MISCELLANEA [T]
15 Nasty snide lady causing anger perhaps (6,3) DEADLY SIN*
17 Mansion with own lake on island (6) HAVELI {HAVE}{L}{I} That reminded me of Master Haveliram of Buniyaad
20 Spy agency to confiscate new age design bug (6) CICADA {CI{CAD}A}
21 Morning time husband spent with loved one (5) AMOUR {AM}{hOUR}
23 Bristled to turn round adversity at last (5) SPINY {SPIN}{a...tY}
25 Pulse ideally must be taken regularly (3) DAL {iDeAlLy}

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

No 11709, Wednesday 25 May 2016, Buzzer

1   Different guises presumably (1,5) I GUESS*
5   Mean to run a seafood stall overlooking a lake (7) SELFISH {SELl FISH}
9   At one point or another sitting around at home suspended (3,2,9) NOT IN OPERATION {AT+ONE+POINT+OR}* around {IN}
11 First event in a series is key (6) OPENER [DD]
12 African people in Denmark content to take legal action (8) SUDANESE {SU{DANES}E}
13 Proper ritual by the sound of it (5) RIGHT (~rite)
14 Recordings to broadcast fun tips (9) PLAYLISTS {PLAY}{LISTS}
16 Wild animal, one in water, skating over Nile (9) WOLVERINE {Wa..r}{OVER+NILE}*
18 Live with old group of people in Kerala (2,3) ON AIR {O}{N AIR}
20 Ability to read in light that is blue (8) LITERACY  {LITE}{RACY}
22 Crazy about a silk casing fabric (6) DAMASK {DAM<=}{A}{SilK}
24 Gradually deem it at a pet's, enough cages around? (3,4,2,1,4) ONE STEP AT A TIME [T<=]
25 Church next to a German city centre (7) ESSENCE {ESSEN}{CE}
26 Behave unacceptably out of envy? No good at all (2,4) BE RUDE {BEgRUDgE}

2   Thug briefly had urge to become a better person (4,3) GOOD EGG {GOOn}{'D} {EGG}
3   Erect pine rotten in the middle (9) EPICENTRE*
4   Openers for Sri Lanka open to opening (4) SLOT Acrostic
5   Form a baseless theory to invest in stocks (9) SPECULATE [DD]
6   Capital city of Louisiana, home to bears (5) LHASA {HAS} in {LA}
7   Lack of affection is thawing since, on the inside (7) ICINESS {I{SINCE*}S}
8   Way to protest German attack under Attila perhaps (6,6) HUNGER STRIKE {HUN}{GER} {STRIKE}
10 Solver regarding mostly favourably, fellow setter? It's a pleasure (5,7)  YOURE WELCOME {YOU}{RE} {WELl}{CO}{ME}
14 Rule Yuvraj out of a cricket tournament? (9) PRINCIPLE {PRINCE} over {IPL}
15 Foreign folk are to watch over (4,5) LOOK AFTER*
17 Those lending sort of characters (7) LETTERS [DD]
19 Afraid of a Liberal having guns (7) ALARMED {A}{L}{ARMED}
21 Inform one is beyond helping (3,2) RAT ON {RATiON}
23 Put an end to objections raised (4) STUB <=