Sunday, 1 May 2016

Special, Sunday 01 May 2015, Prelim Chennai Crossie Open 2016 by IIT(M)

As this is a 21x21, FOUR answers per commenter (Annotations compulsory) till 6PM.
Please enter all your answers in a single comment.

Shashwat Sinai Salgaocar and Bhargavi Suryanarayanan of IIT(M) were the setters for the Chennai Crossie Open

Thanks to Shashwat of IIT(M) for sharing this with us.

1   Master got rid of ego to get self-awareness (5)
4   Cruelly whips Eastern communist, it's said (9)
9   Ego lost during physical exercise (5)
12 Boredom primarily is returning in old age, creating emotionality (11)
13 Payment overwhelms corrupt judge, leading to loss of gumption firstly, resulting in bias (9)
14 Take another look at how tin prices crashed after I became head of Engineering (9)
15 Showers praises (5)
16 Buck, for example is a gem (5)
17 Replies with filthy swears involving cousin's backside (7)
19 Tasteless Kavin, when drunk, lacks sagacity primarily, produces blabber (13)
20 Heartless teens are drunk, or sober? (7)
23 Sponsors 30 at sea, with little equivocation (6)
25 Small strips of land in southern Telangana have more iron, primarily (6)
28 Believe that your money will be safe in these? (5, 5)
29 Gathering crop for he's almost starving, wretchedly (10)
32 Cross-road surrounding Italian city (6)
34 Studies describing modus operandi of monsters (6)
35 Upon switching sides, Lear is mad. From the start, it's a faithful depiction (7)
38 Shame impostor to change - it's a complete transformation (13) 
41 Fifty to follow wise men from California. It's remarkable (7)
43 Series editor's not into Ache din crap (5) 
44 Bird is cowardly, lacks courage primarily (5) 
45 Cheesy way to get rid of a pest? (9)
47 I'm with models, hugging model. They're pretenders. (9)
48 However, in one, the lesson describes... (11) 
49 hellish levels (5) 
50 Charge I bear at the cab station (9)
51 Energy lost to setback after setback in investigations (5)

1   Whisper that suspicious USSR arrests you, traitor to the ultimate cause (9)
2   These hags disrupt shenanigans (7)
3   Properly spice these stories (5) 
4   Pens legal documents to restrict queen (7)
5   Coming back to identify one fool (5)
6   Artfully school gypsy lacking skill, at first, in the study of the mind (10)
7   Agent of insurance company collects a forgery (7)
8   Hide, say, sweetheart's family (8)
9   Fleshiness of soft blob, monster of the lake (9)
10 Forge one or a couple of Michaelangelos at art gallery (7)
11 How terrible! Evil, strangely, won't end. It's eternal. (11)
18 Choose. The head resigns. Choose again. (5)
19 It is foolishness for model to walk like a duck (7)
21 One in France enters bar to get a serving (5)
22 Trained, so we hear, to be firm (4) 
24 Collaborates with Alia, is especially secretive (7)
26 Country's evening meal, reportedly (5) 
27 Have run-in with state (4)
28 Perhaps watch something that takes you back to the good old days? (4, 7) 
30 Southerners' language is inherently casual-speak (5)
31 Poirot and Hastings ditching their other halves and adopting a child - what Agatha Christie would have liked maybe? (10) 
33 Safeguards wayward Manchester United in semis (9)
36 Piles most rubbish on roadside markers (9)
37 Stirred, turn ripe, having sexual interest (8)
39 Crush on T Rajendar's huge (7)
40 Sleep with former lover after top-to-bottom hair removal procedure (4,3)
41 Climbed onto hill with leaders of two expeditions (7)
42 Dogs bypass some restrictions (7) 
45 Euthanasia in America's on the rise. It's a craze! (5)
46 Struggle MITR exemplifies to contain uprising (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at IIT(M) Open Prelim 2016


The Sunday Crossword (2891), Sunday 01 May 2016

1   Agile thief in saloon, say, grabbing food with thanks, turned and left (3,7) CAT BURGLAR {CA{T {BURG<=}{L}A}R}
6   Work that's necessary to stop usurper (4) OPUS [T]
9   Completed refund, food being rotten (7,3) ROUNDED OFF*
10 Kid after carbon copy (4) CRIB {C}{RIB}
11 Area of London church? Different area (7) CHELSEA {CH}{ELSE}{A}
12 Address European court, entering appeal (7) LECTURE {L{E}{CT}URE}
14 Opening wide, scoffed doughnut? Delicious (5-8) MOUTH-WATERING {MOUTH}-{W}{ATE}{RING}
17 Victory and loss traced variously in royal residence (7,6) WINDSOR CASTLE {WIN}{LOSS+TRACED}*
19 Second language good for party (7) SHINDIG {S}{HINDI}{G}
21 Leading story, not a surprise (7) STARTLE {STAR}{TaLE}
23 Notion one endlessly cherished (4) IDEA {1}{DEAr}
24 Singer arriving initially during frantic alarm in Oz (5,5) MARIO LANZA {Ar...g} in {ALARM+IN+OZ}*
25 Pant softly and sink back (4) GASP {GAS}{P}<=
26 State laundry list, finally acceptable (10) WASHINGTON {WASHING}{lisT}{ON}

1   Account kept by scoundrel with yen for ministerial office (6) CURACY {CUR}{AC}{Y}
2   Rising in force, curtailed armistice (5) TRUCE [T<=]
3   Open day in university, I'd guess, chaotic (11) UNDISGUISED {D+IN+U+I'D+GUESS}*
4   Hear about upset following party for Mafia boss (9) GODFATHER {GATHER} about {F}{DO}<=
5   Permissible to exclude learner? Very bad (5) AWFUL lAWFUL
7   Ridiculous price upon large rodent (9) PORCUPINE*
8   Cover me, supporting battalion's leader in rush (8) SUBMERGE {SU{Ba...n}{ME}RGE}
13 Dejected and cold, pause on marshland, taking everything in (11) CRESTFALLEN {C}{REST}{F{ALL}EN}
14 Virility in body securing new job (9) MANLINESS {MA{N}{LINE}SS}
15 Economist's answer blocks merriment, right away (4,5) ADAM SMITH {A}{DAMS} {MIrTH}
16 Misrepresenting wit, badly hurt (8) TWISTING {WIT}*{STING}
18 Get back for example in shower (6) REGAIN {R{EG}AIN}
20 Fruit in Antigua varied (5) GUAVA [T]
22 Number with alien belief (5) TENET {TEN}{ET}