Saturday, 28 March 2015

No 11354, Saturday 28 Mar 2015, Incognito

Incognito is on radio today


1 Display vessels and flying machines (8) AIRSHIPS {AIR}{SHIPS}
Champion queen does not have Indian article (6) VICTOR {VICTORia}
10 Queue has soldiers with sex appeal (5) PLAIT {PLA}{IT}
11 Compound amines found behind broken pot are alkaloids (9) PTOMAINES {POT*}{AMINES*}
12 Lager mixture has an unknown quantity by design (6) ARGYLE {ARG{Y}LE*}
13 Face to face encounter where none followed person with egg (3-2-3) ONE-ON-ONE {ONE}-{O}{N}-{ONE} / {ONE}-{O}{N-ONE} (see comments)
15 Support very old word of encouragement (5) BRAVO {BRA}{V}{O}
17 Repentman! Corruption is eternal (9) PERMANENT {REPENT MAN*}
19 Scarlet haired revolutionary chief editor (9) REDHEADED {RED}{HEAD}{ED}
20 Award for big vehicle (5) OSCAR {OS}{CAR}
21 Silviculture for East Street railway (8) FORESTRY [FOR][E][ST][RY]
23 Yes, Spanish make mistake on a mountain (6) SIERRA [SI][ERR][A]
27 Ahem, Carl was confused about first item: material used for making paint brushes (5,4) CAMEL HAIR {AHEM CARL Item*}
28 Citadel is rebuilt in absence of in-charge of estuary (5) DELTA [ciTADEL*}
29 Oedema caused by globules of yeast initially (6) DROPSY {DROPS}{Y}
30 I hear, sin by a soft sister causes fusion of chromosomes (8) SYNAPSIS {~SIN}{A}{P}{SIS}


First letter to a Greek student from a medical pharmacy (5) ALPHA (T)
2 Bring up sentry for defence of the hind (9) REARGUARD {REAR}{GUARD}
Accommodation for hot English student (5) HOTEL [HOT}{E}{L}
Italian pope has two personal assistants (4) PAPA {PA}{PA}
6 Mad! Main speaker has no right lover (9) INAMORATO {MAIN*}{ORATOr}
7 Brown! Try and dance (5) TANGO {TAN}{GO}
8 Revere her Cockney venerator (9) RESPECTER {RESPECT}{ER}
9 Feather quality leads to a demotion (9) DOWNGRADE {DOWN}{GRADE}
14 Peter Parker heard, “Look next to the German male” (9) SPIDERMAN {~SPY}{DER}{MAN}
15 A sort of liar who is clean shaved? (9) BAREFACED (CD)
16 Exaggerates: Finished second on lengths (9) OVERSELLS {OVER}{S}{ELLS}
18 Plants key on a flummoxed loser (9) ESCAROLES {ESC}{LOSER*} {ESC}{A}{LOSER*}(see comments)
22 Capital had nothing for a hero (5) ROMEO {ROME}{O}
24 Country in main diagram (5) INDIA (T)
25 A ceremony to gather ... (5) AMASS {A}{MASS}
26 ... ten artists before you start showing a medical photo (4) XRAY {X}{RA}{Y}


Indian=I,Article=A,Unknown Quantity=y,Sex Appeal=IT,No=N,Egg=OVery=V,Old=O,Editor=ED,Big=OS,East=E,Street=ST,Railway=RYYes Spanish = SI,In-Charge=IC,Sister=SIS,English=E,Student=L,Personal Assistant=PA,The German= DER,Second=S,Key=ESC,Nothing=O,Ten=X,Artists=RA

Friday, 27 March 2015

No 11353, Friday 27 Mar 2015, Scintillator

1   Government and Indian army at sea once awhile (6) SENATE {SENA}{aTsEa}
4   UK's split? Cede grounds without harm (4,4) SCOT FREE [DD] (Addendum - SCOTland's FREE - See comments)
9   Dismal sight in cricket – Sri Lankan openers departing, nicking behind (6) EDGING slEDGING
10 Retailer, relinquishing ego to make love, thrusts hip (4,4) BOOK SHOP {BOOK S}{H(-i+o)OP} Not sure if this is right (Addendum - TUCK SHOP {TUCK S}{H(-i+o)OP} - See comments)
12 Models gently stroke waterbirds (8) PATTERNS {PAT}{TERNS}
13 Blemish? Partially whiten building material (6) MARBLE {MAR}{BLEach}
15 Banter inventor comes up with? (4) RAIL <=
16 Team leader has to study factories and equipment (10) TREADMILLS {Team}{READ}{MILLS}
19 Spruce clue by editing later in the day (10) CREPUSCULE*
20 That which is said to symbolise power (4) WATT (~what)
23 The Arabic history links to New England (6) ALBION {AL}{BIO}{N}
25 Killer with cheek to hide an offence (8) ASSASSIN {A}{S{SASS}IN}
27 Animal and I get cart moving (5,3) TIGER CAT*
28 Think of independent, drug-consuming partner (6) IDEATE {I}DEAT{E} Anno pending (Addendum - {I}{D{E}ATE} - See comments)
29 Shout comes to a stop as lecturer breaks glasses (8) CRYSTALS {CRY}{STAlLS}
30 Bush to withdraw hospital's licence (6) TICKET ThICKET

1   Double agent for the land of Nod? (7) SLEEPER [C&DD]
2   Sound of horse and bird hours after sunset (5-4) NIGHT-TIME (~ neigh ?) Anno pending (Addendum - (~knight){NIGHT}-{TIME} - See comments)
3   Fallen nutritional contents coming up in tubular passage (6) TUNNEL [T<=]
5   Dull noise from a large swallow (4) C?O? (Addendum - CHUG [DD] - See comments)
6   Karate masters extremely disposed to fight (4,4) TAKE ARMS {TAKE AR+Ma...rS}*
7   Pshaw! Her Majesty's up, staging recovery from abuse (5) REHAB {RE}{HAB}<=
8   In the past, media clearly stated ... (7) EXPRESS {EX}{PRESS}
11 … where trains are following schedule (2,5) ON TRACK [DD]
14 Heavy material explosion around Alabama (7) BALLAST {B{AL}LAST}
17 Look, listen, comprehend answer for an usurer (4,5) LOAN SHARK {LO}{AN S}{HARK}
18 Caution exercised in releasing traitor and despot (8) AUTOCRAT {CAUTiOn}*{RAT}
19 Disorderly to a chic transformation (7) CHAOTIC*
21 Charlatan gently conceals different line of thought (7) TANGENT [T]
22 Leader of Ghana's arrested as well, near India's capital (6) GANDHI {G{AND}H}{I}
24 Featured regularly in book, geeky devil (5) BOGEY {BoOk GeEkY}
26 British head released from prison — on this? (4) BAIL {B}{jAIL} Semi&lit