Tuesday, 9 February 2016

No 11620, Tuesday 09 Feb 2016, Spinner

1   Surprisingly, court isn't after criminal establishment (12) CONSTRUCTION {CON}{COURT+ISN'T}*
10 This Setter has no special secret (5) INNER spINNER
11 Forgery I am into it, crazily! (9) IMITATION*
12 Supplying some marijuana amongst a cartel (6) ARMING {A}{R{Ma...a}ING}
13 Asses die strangely due to ailments (8) DISEASES*
15 Unsettled uncle left, jumping off moving train (9) UNCERTAIN {UNClE}{TRAIN*}
16 Start argument about a territory (4) AREA {Ar...t}{RE}{A}
20 CM is trying to contain smog (4) MIST [T] He sure is amongst all his antics!!
21 Settle their woes or... (9) OTHERWISE*
24 ...lie to leaders of Locomotive employees society, seemingly agitated (8) RESTLESS {REST}{Lo...e}{Em...s}{So...y}{Se...y}
26 Notices beer crates every now and then (6) ALERTS {ALE}{cRaTeS}
28 Wins for six hundred members of British party (9) VICTORIES {VI}{C}{TORIES}
29 Gas spreading over plantation (5) GROVE {G}{OVER}*
30 “It's a small, broken down workshop!” “That's adequate!” (12) SATISFACTORY {ITS+A+S}*{FACTORY}

2   Baubles, gold stars wrapped around book (9) ORNAMENTS {OR}{NAME{NT}S}
3   Forest rangers arresting unknown person (8) STRANGER [T]
4   Right to abet robbery (4) RAID {R}{AID}
5   It's primarily in charge during emergencies/attacks (10) CRITICISES {CR{IT}{IC}ISES}
6   Photographs Spinner playing games (6) IMAGES {I}{GAMES*}
7   Pins hurt when stuck into naked skin, at first (5) NAILS {Na..d}{AIL}{Skin}
8   Key model stored inside bottle (5) VITAL {VI{T}AL}
9   Abnormal rising sun captured by two undergraduate beginners next to Alabama (7) UNUSUAL {Un...s}{SUN<=}{Un...s}{AL}
14 Space Transportation System's creative but doesn't incorporate right data (10) STATISTICS {STS} has {ArTISTIC}*
17 River rose, flowing into lake (9) RESERVOIR*
18 Wander behind troublemaker in rally (7) IMPROVE {IMP}{ROVE}
19 Endless resolve to break into firm by evening (8) TWILIGHT {WILl} in {TIGHT}
22 Nearly every other ball leads to Malinga outsmarting Sachin Tendulkar (6) ALMOST {bAlL}{Ma...a}{Ou...g}{Sa...n}{Te...r}
23 One who leads you and me to that woman (5) USHER {US}{HER}
25 Belts worn on feet? (5) SOCKS [DD]
27 Finally, India is returning to the summit of Anatolian region (4) ASIA {i..iA}{IS<=}{An...n}

Monday, 8 February 2016

No 11619, Monday 08 Feb 2016, Aspartame

1   See 14 Ac.
8   Stare at Lego construction (4) OGLE*
9   Nip a cooking appliance? (7,3) ROLLING PIN {NIP}*
10 Steal extremely elegant, embellished decorative item (6) TASSEL {STEAL+S}* S from?
11 Best case scenario: I get tea and idly curry (8) IDEALITY {I}{TEA+IDLY}*
12 Connection between one plane and another? (3,6) AIR BRIDGE [CD]  One plane and another?
14, 1 Became wealthy from a masterful loan? (4,1,5,7) MADE A SMALL FORTUNE {MASTERFUL+LOAN}*
15 He will head out to procure sulphur for trade (4) SELL (-h+s}SE'LL
16 Metal is tough, almost like titanium after it’s made partially hollow (9) STRONTIUM {STRONg}{TItaniUM}
20 Composer, instrumentalist — one about to get caught (8) LYRICIST {1}{C} in {LYRIST}
21 Vehicle carrying policeman toppled over? That’s terrible! (6) TRAGIC {TRA{GI}C}<=
23 E-Explosive? (6,4) LETTER BOMB [CD]
24 Flyer in Iraqi bistro (4) IBIS [T]
25 Government organisation’s doctor receives crest (6,7) SECRET SERVICE*

1   A fellow Asian president has this nationality (7) AFGHANI {A}{F}{GHANI}
2   Searches for bearings (5) MIENS [DD ?Connection to 'searches' not clear See comments
3   Stories about the Spanish high inquisitor found in German Rhine (7) LORELEI {LOR{EL}E}{In...r}
4   Dentist clinics are arranging frames on long posts (7,8) FILLING STATIONS {FIL{L}ING} {STATIONS} Frames/Filing ? See comments
5   One hired to manage editorial fronts is devastated (6) RUINED {RU{1}N}{EDi...l}
6   Cowardly aunt fights with first nephew harbouring bitterness (9) UNGALLANT  {AUNT+Ne...w}* around {GALL}
7   Communication record of waterlocked land broken by onset of tsunami (7) EPISTLE {EP}{IS{Ts...i}LE}
13 Stroking Bills cat, one goes crazy (9) BALLISTIC {BILLS+CAT+1}*
15 Son’s aloofness is said to result in lack of confidence (7) SHYNESS {S}{HYNESS}(~highness)
17 Halloween time — 33% discount on tax to be gained (7) OCTOBER {TO}{BE} in {OctRoi ? }
18 Employ beginners to upgrade terminals in large institutions supporting engineers (7) UTILISE Acrostic
19 Stab a bond actor (6) PIERCE [DD]
22 Mali bishop found an excuse (5) ALIBI [T]