Monday, 24 November 2014

No.11248, Monday 24 Nov 2014, Anitya

In true Anitya style, the clues are short, crisp and entertaining

7 Speaker with one old musical composition (8) ORATORIO (ORATOR I O)
9 OK-to-eat food item (6) EDIBLE (2)
10 Off with a method (4) AWAY (A WAY)
11 Cravings for advertisement locutions (10) ADDICTIONS (AD DICTIONS)
12 Bar special champion, right? (6) SPACER (SP ACE R)
14 Nope, get a change that allows free access (4,4) OPEN GATE (NOPE GETA)*
15 Repeated a profit with a profit (5,3,5) AGAIN AND AGAIN (A GAIN AND A GAIN)
17 Support tilt in compilation of books still in print (8) BACKLIST (BACK LIST)
19 Essays he's written in setback (6) THESES (HE'S in SET<)
21 Monsoon out to pour all the same (10) MONOTONOUS (MONSOON OUT)*
22 Black hat crushed for Thailand cash (4) BAHT (B HAT*)
23 Detenu ancestors secreted shade of meaning (6) NUANCE (T)
24 Maintain the pace to stay up-to-date (4,4) KEEP STEP (KEEP STEP)

1 Act your age with good line at the top (4,2) GROW UP (G ROW UP)
          I have, Anitya, but I have ... ;-) Now it is DG (not Col.Gopinath!) and Renga's turn ...
2 Remain, saint — always! (4) STAY (ST AY)
3 Test managed in rehearsal (5,3) TRIAL RUN (TRIAL RUN)
4 About small hint in heroic act (6) RESCUE (RE S CUE)
5 Yet one may have to die for this salary (6,4) LIVING WAGE (CD,DD)
          Reminded me of that great cemetery where people were dying to get in ...
6 Board with big load of fish food (8) PLANKTON (PLANK TON)
8 New York bold to break seniors' complex (3,3,7) OLD BOY NETWORK (NEW YORK BOLD TO)*
          I knew a group of old men who used to meet every week to engulf Gobi Manchurain. I used to call them the Gobi network
13 Suppresses ace's crossword entries (10) CRACKDOWNS (CRACK DOWNS)
          To nitpick, suppesses = cracks down and suppressions are = crackdowns
15 One — one record almost due in similar version (8) ANALOGUE (AN A LOG dUE)
16 Witness at trial has hesitation (8) ATTESTER (AT TEST ER)
          In 3d test became trial and here it is the other way around !
18 I, with two boys, pressed (6) IRONED (I  RON ED)
20 Mimics Election Commission's tools (6) ECHOES (EC HOES)
22 Low pedestal (4) BASE (2)


All the best to the participants. My apologies for not being able to make it as my class reunion is there on the same day at 1030.  I will attend if that programme gets changed.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Special, Sunday 23 Nov 2014, Bruno

Three answers per commenter (with annotations) as usual till 6 PM

1   Hope this text is intercepted by an intelligence agency (7)
5   Nearly full with drink, holds counter-top for support (7)
9   Both hands on wheels? (9)
10 This vehicle regularly went around in the past (5)
11 Crude income tax error lands one in soup? (6)
12 Goes along with sweetheart’s failings (7)
14 Vagrants’ essential instrument (4)
15 Entrepreneur organised upscale tour - not for everyone! (10)
19 Venomous snake from marsh somehow left river, got into chest brought by Queen (10)
20 Chip hit back after losing cap (4)
22 A cat in a city structure (7)
25 Chinese Premier disowned Captain training with foreign honcho in China (6)
27 Claim medic has zero sex-appeal (5)
28 Exposes manually-operated vehicle to aerial assault (3-6)
29 Judge has difficulties with top-ups (7)
30 Many go around believing essentially, that it’s a way to get rich! (7)

1   De-marginalised population’s currency (4)
2   Medical specialist’s knowledge about core of principle is very annoying! (9)
3   Raid on establishment? (6)
4   Covers with even running strides (9)
5   Joke that is right in front of one! (5)
6   Underestimates shooters? (3-5)
7   Indian Ocean swells with Indian music (5)
8   Football team’s caught recruiting rival’s top one quietly; that must be peer-reviewed! (10)
13 Lara Croft: Cat Stylist! (4-6)
16 A rare cult made up of living beings (9)
17 Bait set out to trap the greatest brown forward (9)
18 Evil - imbibing core of virtues becomes God, perhaps (8)
21 Kid upset at that heartless rule (6)
23 A mug turned cold (5)
24 Curbed new desires for a long time… (5)
26 A group of girls, maybe, start to behave with spite after warden finally leaves (4)

Across Lite version is available at the following link BRUNO 3