Saturday, 29 August 2015

No 11486, Saturday 29 Aug 2015, Gridman

1  Spirit of recklessness making a station master follow a primarily dangerous tube (11) ADVENTURISM {A}{Da...s}{VENTURI}{SM}
9  Mother's brew might be in it retaining warmth (7) THERMOS*
10 Sort of computer depot's disposed of, getting 1000 (7) DESKTOP {DEPOT'S}* around K
11 Low joint to get one's goat as entrance's broken (5) ANKLE rANKLE
12 Not keen to run at Celt, fallen and trembling (9) RELUCTANT*
13 The same said in French by transport officer (5) DITTO {DIT}{T}{O}
15 Might my soup end up with a fictitious name (9) PSEUDONYM*
18 Dancer's leap has teacher worried over new student's foot (9) ENTRECHAT {E{N}TRECHA*}{s...nT}
21 Seductress' emergency signal (5) SIREN [DD]
22 Woodworker to knock and go in (9) CARPENTER {CARP}{ENTER}
24 University president gets group ruffled (5) UPSET {U}{P}{SET}
26 Performance not quite right in extra game (7) PLAYOFF {PLAY}{OFF}
27 More strange, son, after daughter, walks shakily (7) DODDERS {D}{ODDER}{S}
28 Sis, sis, sis... (4-7) HALF-SISTERS [CD]

1  Alert dads moved, with legs wide apart (9) ASTRADDLE*
2  You and I told to touch type of jumper (1,4) V NECK {~we}{V} {NECK}
3  A big hit for the earliest anaesthetized individual (6,3) NUMBER ONE {NUMBER} {ONE}
4  Release from peacekeepers' bind (7) UNSTRAP {UN}{STRAP}
5  Humour eluding in different ways (7) INDULGE*
6  Strains Mylaporeans uploaded serenading Indian cheerleaders (5)  MUSIC Acrostic
7  Saint on a mount lost one kitchen gadget (8) STRAINER {ST}{RAINiER}
8  Catch sight of blemish (4) SPOT [DD]
14 Disapproval voiced by one involved in test in a how-to programme (8) TUTORIAL {TUT}{OR{1}AL}
16 Argues against boy going back to get reportedly soft leathers (9) DISSUADES {DIS<=}{SUADES}(~suedes)
17 Mints endless rupees with well-designed sites (9) MONETISES {MONEy}{SITES*}
19 Detestable! Headwear falls on spilt fuel (7) HATEFUL {HAT}{FUEL*}
20 Rants by one involved in barters (7) TIRADES {T{1}RADES}
22 Deal with Commissioner of Police with extreme patience... (4) COPE {COP}{p...cE}
23 ...His Excellency holds him up for a considerable period (5) EPOCH {E{POC}H}<=
25 South Indian woman's kitchen gadget (5) SIEVE {SI}{EVE}


Friday, 28 August 2015

No 11485, Friday 28 Aug 2015, Gridman

1  Cuddle up as old canoe jolts (8) CANOODLE*
5  Exile to leave with order for answer (6) DEPORT DEP(-a+o)ORT
9  Daredevil clerks seem half-confused (8) RECKLESS {CLERKS+SEem}*
10 Intricate speed measure to try right away (6) KNOTTY {KNOT}{TrY}
12 Accumulation the Italian found in street (4) SILT {S{IL}T}
13 Abecedarians titled one ant crawling (10) DILETTANTI {TITLED+1+ANT}*
15 Strange withdrawal of quote including domestic animal (6) EXOTIC {E{XO}TIC}<=
17 Once and once again (5) TWICE [CD]
20 Head of school was in tears, having been forced into situation (5) SWEPT {Sc...l}{WEPT}
21 Virtue of Indian pilgrim centre going by the limitations of today (6) PURITY {PURI}{TodaY}
24 Stifling in the car (10) THROTTLING [C&DD] 
27 Be shipshape and get the boat ready to sail (4) TRIM [DD]
29 Almost loftier in training hand doll (6) PUPPET {P{UPPEr}T}
30 Revolutionaries departed before first Sunday (8) LEFTISTS {LEFT}{1ST}{Su...y}
31 Mentions America, in short (6) STATES [DD]
32 Comes to know converts (8) REALISES [DD]

1  A gentle stroking of son beset by worries (6) CARESS {CARE{S}S}
2  From Venice, lyre exported in a pleasing manner (6) NICELY [T]
3  One learner is overwhelmed by large paintings  (4) OILS {O{1}{L}S}
4  Girl with Indian drink (5) LASSI {LASS}{I}
6  Man stern in arrangement (5) ERNST*
7  Coming into play by one's own choice (6,2) OPTING IN [CD]
8  Such a one for mini play? (3-5) TOY-RIDER ? Solution and anno left for any solver (Addendum - TOY-SIZED [CD] - See comments)
11 One using foil might be one building a barrier (6) FENCER [DD]
14 Go - you shouldn’t come through it (4) EXIT [C&DD]
16 Tip over best place at the end of line (6) TOPPLE {TOP}{PL}{linE}
17 Adds up little ones (4) TOTS [DD]
18 Poet is so worried these may be radioactive (8) ISOTOPES*
19 Church given half of crop for work with first-class returns from tree (8) CECROPIA {CE}{CRop}{OP}{1A<=}
22 After credit, one's doubly in a big problem (6) CRISIS {CR}{1'S}{1'S}
23 Cheers up morning exercises (6) AMUSES {AM}{USES}
25 Article's on that point (5) THERE {THE}{RE}
26 Consuming drug in French city is a family member (5) NIECE {NI{E}CE}
28 And others recalled after the deadline (2,2) ET AL <=