Tuesday, 25 April 2017

No 11990, Tuesday 25 Apr 2017, Gridman

7   Overly fearful artist and leader are confined in home (8) PARANOID {PA{RA}{NO1}D}
9   Fight by foreign sea getting more hot (6) WARMER {WAR}{MER}
10 When scanties get torn, help is required (10) ASSISTANCE {AS}{SCANTIES}*
11 Timid man to eke out (4) MEEK {M}{EKE}*
12 The French partner's focal device (4) LENS {LE}{NS}
14 First, decorous old piece's placed back (10) PRIMORDIAL {PRIM}{O}{R}{LAID<=} R = Rook = Chess piece
16 Cubbon, for example, gets a winter coat (5) PARKA {PARK}{A}
17 Grown improperly - not right! (5) WRONG*
21 Source's established a new case has been emptied (10) PROVENANCE {PROVEN}{A}{N}{CasE}
22 State frankly: "Have gown with edges torn" (4) AVOW {hAVe}{gOWn}
23 Let slip no second tablet (4) PILL sPILL
24 Declare earnestly: "Fool's always worried" (10) ASSEVERATE {ASS}{EVER}{ATE}
26 Small journal's browsing site is attractive (6) MAGNET {MAG}{NET}
27 Volcanic rock found by old boy with two men (8) OBSIDIAN {OB}{SID}{IAN}

1   Stop the woman taking English spirit (7) BANSHEE {BAN}{SHE}{E}
2   A ten in half-time prepare to take off (4) TAXI {T{A}{X}Ime}
3   Throat issue revealed by a study - one conducted in old Delhi (7) ADENOID {A}{DEN}{O{1}D}
4   Model - small and quaint (4) TWEE {T}{WEE}
5   Overly proper publicity on new American diva (5,5) PRIMA DONNA {PRIM}{A D}{ON}{N}{A}
6   Fresh beginning of French boy with a single (7) RENEWAL {RENE}{W}{A}{L} L for Single?
8   Frank exposes approval in enclosure (9) OUTSPOKEN {OUTS}{P{OK}EN}
13 Rats falling over and concealing not one hungry person (10) STARVELING {RATS<=}{VEiLING}
15 "...it is in ___ that we are underlings" (Shakespeare) (9) OURSELVES [FITB]
18 Crafty person? (7) ARTISAN [CD]
19 Having difficulty, Spain to find a fix (2,1,4) IN A SPOT*
20 Superhero hugging old rower (7) BOATMAN {B{O}ATMAN}
24 Vehicle in which tau toured round (4) AUTO {TAU}*{O}
25 Went on highway, we hear (4) RODE (~road)


Monday, 24 April 2017

No 11989, Monday 24 Apr 2017, Gridman

1   Top assistance supplied in orbiting outposts (5,8) SPACE STATIONS*
8   Go in India without ultimately angelic light (4) HALO cHALO
9   Having understanding, clear up pet caught in a mess (10) PERCEPTUAL*
10 Spot a top source for starchy food (6) POTATO [T]
11 Poor inn I'd get redone (8) INDIGENT*
12 At unending tour, not one falling or wearing down (9) ATTRITION {AT}{TRIp}{NOT+1}*
14 Advance slowly in court house (4) INCH {IN}{CH}
15 Son leaves spot for a quick kiss (4) PECK sPECK
16 Six dial USA desperately for magnifying glass, say (6,3) VISUAL AID {VI}{DIAL+USA}*
20 Perhaps relating to the whole (8) INTEGRAL*
21 Fired up, the man put away diamonds (6) HEATED {HE}{ATE}{D}
23 Government official about to give away secret behind almirah (10) BUREAUCRAT {BUREAU}{C}{RAT}
24 Muslim leader captures hearts of Lima camp (4) IMAM {lIMa}{cAMp}
25 Songs sung in place for plants? Not exactly! (7,6) NURSERY RHYMES {NURSERY} {RHYMES} How do we classify this clue? [CD} - See comments

1   A poster put out in Chennai, for example (7) SEAPORT*
2   8 get round to a Hawaii greeting (5) ALOHA {HALO}*{A}
3   Take advantage of extra — one in patch of land (7) EXPLOIT {EX}{PLO{1}T}
4   One fright in area will bring in these reservists (11,4) TERRITORIAL ARMY {TERRITOR{1}{AL ARM}Y}
5   Fashionable tear in shirt and front of underwear (6) TRENDY {T}{REND}{Y}
6   One month in the past ace cook stopped short of having many sides (9) OCTAGONAL {OCT}{AGO}{NALa}
7   Old comedian captures you finally with character that is firm (7) STAUNCH {STA{yoU}N}{CH}
13 Crook making noise about sages having stripped (9) RACKETEER {RACKET}{sEERs}
15 Publisher's bird (7) PENGUIN [DD]
17 World leaders' hard urge to disentangle (7) UNHITCH {UN}{H}{ITCH}
18 Pole's coverings, where I see paces going haywire (7) ICECAPS {I+C+PACES}*
19 Overly French-English combine admitted top drama group (6) TROUPE Anno pending (Addendum - {TRO{U}P}E} -See comments
22 Cut one old man's principle (5) AXIOM {AX}{1}{O}{M}