Monday, 15 September 2014

No.11190, Monday 15 Sep 2014, Neyartha

While Neyartha may have some 7a / 26a, others might have got stuck in the quagm17 of these wet environs

7 Drool on Spanish article returned to the island by Virginia with a note (8) SALIVATE (LA in IS. VA TE)

Cartoon by Rishi

9 Grant immunity to the old partner and alien abducting a politician (6) EXEMPT (EX, ET abducting MP)
10 iPad seller's comical footwear (10) ESPADRILLE (IPAD SELLER)*
11 Vehicle heard in the fen woodland (4) CARR (~CAR)
12 Cross the bridge (4) SPAN (2)
13 The gentry and the celebrity dismissed the volunteers (8) NOBILITY (NOTABILITY - TA)
16 Retreating policeman meets sailor in a poorly drained high ground (7) POCOSIN (COP< OS IN)
           New word for me
18 Prod the brain of an intellectual (7) EGGHEAD (EGG HEAD)
20 Forgive and bring back model dismissed by the Portuguese leader (8) REPRIEVE (RETRIEVE - T + P)
21 Bet on a certainty? (4) SURE (CD)
23 Small Turkish coin hidden in the apparatus (4) PARA (T)
          Did Begum Para have Turkish roots? I don't know! Read this article on her. It describes, among other things, her 6D experiences in Pakistan!
24 Baggage car (7,3) LUGGAGE VAN (E)
25 Sent back article about a kitchen appliance with a prayer (6) NOVENA (AN< about OVEN)
26 Discarded new pineapple preparation with the pastry (5,3) APPLE PIE (PINEAPPLE - N)*

1 Law officer letting criminal go to the fenland (5) MARSH (MARSHAL - AL) Nice story here
2 Import appraised terribly was stolen (15) MISAPPROPRIATED (IMPORT APPRAISED)*
3 Strangely wanted to surround lake with water-saturated soil (7) WETLAND (WANTED* around L)
4 Surrender at the beginning, reportedly (4) CEDE (~SEED)
5 It might help one get to the point (6-9) PENCIL SHARPENER (CD)
          Mine usually broke the graphite. It usually turned out to be a pointless exercise

Cartoon by Rishi

6 Religious Greek character participating in crazy rituals (9) SPIRITUAL (PI in RITUALS*)
8 Part of a theatre stage in the airplane loading bay (5) APRON (2)
14 Standard that is completely ordinary? (3) BOG (CD)
15 Style of an informant or a go-between (9) MODERATOR (MODE RAT OR)
17 Sign up after commencement in anger (3) IRE (hIRE)
19 Second letter to the German government misplaced by a Swedish actress (7) BERGMAN (B GERMAN with G misplaced)
21 Flood making hands from the south go around Malta (5) SWAMP (PAWS< around M)
22 One coming in for the Oriental forger is a mendicant ascetic (5) FAKIR (FAKER - E + 1)
24 Idle buffalo affected to some extent (4) LOAF (T)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

No 2808, Sunday 14 Sep 2014

Walk in the park today. Only 8D took some time to fall.

1   Face endless people giving a torrent of abuse (8) DIATRIBE {DIAl}{TRIBE}
5   Incendiary liquid buddy used in Vietnam (6) NAPALM {NA{PAL}AM} &lit
9   Coin kept popping up (2,6) IN POCKET*
10 Moderate, English politician during short period of office (6) TEMPER {T{E}{MP}{ERm}
11 Artist brought in can teach (5) TRAIN {T{RA}IN}
12 Italian poet holding passage back for socialite (9) DEBUTANTE {D{EBUT<=}ANTE}
14 Kept mistress, monied maiden originally (12) DEMIMONDAINE*
18 Had meal with group, filling entire pub (8,4) WATERING HOLE {W{ATE}{RING} HOLE}
21 Hospital doctor pressing substance right into bottom (9) REGISTRAR {RE{GIST}{R}AR}
23 How Alfie ends is unimaginitive (5) INANE {IN AN E}
24 At home and abroad, to some extent (2,1,3) IN A WAY {IN} {A WAY}
25 County players in blue (8) DOWNCAST {DOWN}{CAST}
26 Understand article in revolutionary newspaper (6) GATHER {GA{THE}R<=}
27 A depression involving her advocate (8) ADHERENT {A}{D{HER}ENT}

1   Fine titbit (6) DAINTY [DD]
2   Drawing power of a quiet ringing of bells (6) APPEAL {A}{P}{PEAL}
3   Foreign count, rare storyteller (9) RACONTEUR*
4   Sole wage earner in new diner/bar? Unlikely (11) BREADWINNER*
6   Operative, a well-bred fellow (5) AGENT {A}{GENT}
7   It contains supplementary material that may have to be removed (8) APPENDIX [DD]
8   Butterfly in car (8) MERCEDES [DD]

13 British, further gangster in fraternity (11) BROTHERHOOD {BR}{OTHER}{HOOD}
15 Playing field's ending marriage (9) DALLIANCE {fielD}{ALLIANCE}
16 Getting hot under sun, moving in large numbers (8) SWARMING {S}{WARMING}
17 Motionless deer seen by worker after noon (8) STAGNANT {STAG}{N}{ANT}
19 Locality around a monarch's official residence (6) PALACE {P{A}LACE}
20 Get going and defeat Italian (4,2) BEAT IT {BEAT} {IT}
22 Pity some Irish-Americans (5) SHAME [T]