Sunday, 22 October 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2966, Sunday 22 Oct 2017

1   Dull, not married, longed to be in a relationship (8) ATTACHED {mATT}{ACHED}
6   Avoid work making bakery product (4) LOAF [DD]
10 Sloping surface around hard new frame (7) CHAMFER {C}{H}{FRAME*}
11 United in support for innovator (7) PIONEER {PI{ONE}ER}
12 Monsieur with set of principles about French wine (5) MEDOC {M}{CODE<=}
13 Start development of giant site (9) INSTIGATE*
14 Still trendy, doctor with edge grew plant yielding essential oil (7,8) EVENING PRIMROSE {EVEN}{IN}{G P}{RIM}{ROSE}
17 Deprived of right to vote since friends had changed (15) DISENFRANCHISED*
20 Gesture brought about by a direct love for sculptor (9) DONATELLO {NOD<=}{A}{TELL}{O}
22 Unacceptable hesitation in proposal (5) OFFER {OFF}{ER}
23 Tale of horror in country around lake and river (7) CHILLER {CHI{L}LE}{R}
24 Opening with some soporific effects (7) ORIFICE [T]
25 Turned back with yen for ascetic discipline (4) YOGA {Y}{AGO<=}
26 Separate revolutionary agents infiltrating different side (8) DISPERSE {REPS<=} in {SIDE}*

2   Tourist, initially with bundle, led astray? That's nonsense (7) TWADDLE {To...t}{WAD}{LED*}
3   One under influence, just about consumed with love (14) AFFECTIONATELY {AFFECT}{1}{ON{ATE}LY}
4   Herald getting hot and bothered bearing first of reports (9) HARBINGER {H}{BEARING}*{Re...s}
5   Cheats held up essential cases (5) DUPES [T]
7   Newspaper covering latest in cuisine with duck and herb (7) OREGANO {OR{c...nE}GAN}{O}
8   Distant church in absurd situation (5) FARCE {FAR}{CE}
9   One going into swirling mud's heroic old salt (6,8) SODIUM CHLORIDE {1} in {MUDS+HEROIC+OLD}*
10 Two thousand in company stop and salute (7) COMMEND {CO}{MM}{END}
15 Bitter artist with wit stifling exclamation of surprise (9) RANCOROUS {RA}{N{COR}OUS}
16 Advocate in conclusion less good, lacking weight (7) ENDORSE {END}{wORSE}
18 Wrong monarch in decline (7) SINKING {SIN}{KING}
19 Sentimental types thus following obligations (7) SOFTIES {SO}{F}{TIES}
20 Editor coming up with modest enticement (5) DECOY {ED<=}{COY}
21 Sensational club without boundaries, free (5) LURID {cLUb}{RID}


Saturday, 21 October 2017

No 12142, Saturday 21 Oct 2017, Gridman


1. Royal newspapers besiege old national party (8) PRINCESS {PR{INC}ESS}
5. Model goes after clear but mixed shade (6) CLARET {CLEAR*}{T}
9. Darts thrown at old man of fame (7) STARDOM {DARTS*}{O}{M}
10. Tackle // power repairer? (7) LINEMAN (DD)
11. Facilities created for seeing (9) PROVISION {PRO}{VISION}
12. Fair about right monastery resident (5) FRIAR {FAIR*}{R}
13. Free Oriental journey (4) RIDE {RID}{E}
14. Setter reflects the said girl's at hospital to decorate (9) EMBELLISH {ME<=}{~BELLE=BELL}{IS}{H}
17. Crime that was not done from without (6,3) INSIDE JOB (CD?) Surface seems off
19. Resonance from the chowkidar (4)  ECHO {T)
23. Is cutting into tree for fibre (5) SISAL {S{IS}AL}
24. Markedly affected by setter confessing he's hard put (9) IMPRESSED {I'M}{PRESSED}
25. Crazy // area of London (7) BARKING (DD)
26. Pasta dish Mercara violinist tucked in (7) RAVIOLI (T)

27. Every utterance initially a record that is ultimately very high praise (6) EULOGY {Every}{Utterance}{LOG}{verY} "that's" instead of "that is" would have given a better cryptic reading ?
28. Two girls, almost complete in integration — a view for the optimist? (8) GLASSFUL {G}{LASS}{FULl}


1. Document lets old man have a little sly fun (8) PASSPORT {PA}{Sly}{SPORT}
2. Shortly — thus! (2,1,4) IN A WORD (D&Defn by example)
3. He carries the drivers with him (6) CADDIE (CD)
4. Get-together of top mountaineers, perhaps (6,7) SUMMIT MEETING (CD)
6. Get father everything — the earth! (8) LANDFALL {LAND}{F}{ALL}
7. What is left such as 16 Dn. (7) REMAINS (DD)
8. It's plain frozen (6) TUNDRA (CD)
10. Soldier cut business exam (5,8) LANCE CORPORAL {LANCE} {CORP}{ORAL}
15. Is plastic // giving way? (8) YIELDING  (DD)
16. Remains of a creature that couldn't get across (8) ROADKILL (CD)
18. It's breathing space for all of us (7) NOSTRIL (CD)
20. Abandoned actors not working (4,3) CAST OFF {CAST}{OFF}
21. You and I, fit and fit to be tried (6) USABLE {US}{ABLE}
22. Doesn't go for foliage (6) LEAVES (DD) Doesn't go = leaves?

Reference List
Old national party=INC, Model=T, Old=O, Man=M, Right=R, Oriental=E, 'S=IS, Hospital=H, Girl=G, Girl=Lass, Old man=Pa
Father=F, You and I=Us

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