Tuesday, 25 October 2016

No 11834, Tuesday 25 Oct 2016, Gridman

1   Fine fabricit's destroyed in rage (7) BATISTE {IT}* in {BASTE} (Addendum - {ITS}* in {BATE} - See comments)
5   Note Sue's wrong – it's improper handling (6) MISUSE {MI}{SUES}*
9   Doctor and scholar go over a play (5) DRAMA {DR}{A}{MA}
10 Contact in watchful attention of ornamental tablet (9) CARTOUCHE {CAR{TOUCH}E}
11 One, with a couple of maids, by word of mouth, is unprincipled (7) IMMORAL {1}{MM}{ORAL}
12 US limit set out for action preceders (7) STIMULI*
13 Unhealthy girl's let out and facilitated (5) EASED di'sEASED
14 Father very bold, dismissing eastern dance (4,5) PASO DOBLE {PA}{SO} {BOLD}*{E}

16 Tasteless articles also in good impressive display (9) TATTOOING {TAT}{TOO}{IN}{G}
19 European's analysis reported (5) CZECH (~check)
21 Union administrator getting a power plant apparatus (7) REACTOR {RE{A}CTOR}
23 Dance we tots executed to get a bit of popularity (3-4) TWO-STEP {WE+TOTS}*{Po...y}
24 Stress is evident in printing unit's stage of development (9) EMPHASISE {EM}{PHAS{IS}E}
25 Worker begins improving rates of speed (5) TEMPI {TEMP}{Im...g}
26 Family divisions almost vague (6) GENERA GENERAl
27 Completely committed to group that's passed away (4,3) DEAD SET {DEAD} {SET}

1   Retirement accounts? They might let children go to sleep (7,7) BEDTIME STORIES [CD]
2   Emotional shocks with girl bumping into dancing star (7) TRAUMAS {UMA} in {STAR}*
3   Pole and Russian shadow-boxed (7) SPARRED {SPAR}{RED}
4   English University typical in regeneration of medicinal trees (9) EUCALYPTI {E}{U}{TYPICAL}*
5   Stains old foreign currency (5) MARKS [DD]
6   One in Fourth Mart is celebrated (7) STORIED {STOR{1}E}{D} D being the fourth alphabet? But Fourth Mart will be {D}{STORE} See comments
7   Such endless crumbs – dole out rupees and give in! (7) SUCCUMB {SUCh}{CrUMBs}
8   Being close to a certain fielder is immaterial (6,3,5) BESIDE THE POINT {BESIDE} {THE POINT}
15 Play music suddenly, voice relief and walk on (5-4) SIGHT-READ {SIGH}{T-READ}
17 Disorientated pirates walk aimlessly (7) TRAIPSE*
18 In the open, Pondy's top champion to excel in speed (7) OUTPACE {OUT}{Po..y}{ACE}
19 Spy group to go over corruption overwhelming head of administration in European country (7) CROATIA {CIA} over {RO{Ad...n}T}
20 Buries motherboard among scattered notes (7) ENTOMBS {Bo..d} in {NOTES}*
22 Indian dish for one aboard Indian chariot (5) RAITA {RA{1}TA}


Monday, 24 October 2016

No 11833, Monday 24 Oct 2016, Spinner

1   Fiesta followed by siesta? (7,5) SLUMBER PARTY [CD]
10 Supporter of art to help student (5) EASEL {EASE}{L}
11 Spinner definitely can't lie about date with correspondent (9) IDENTICAL {I}{D}{CANT+LIE}*
12 Company's time to choose, primarily between ‘No’ and ‘yes’! (6) AGENCY {AGE}{N}{Ch...e}{Y}
13 "... To ladies breaking up and becoming single!" (8) ISOLATED*
15 Succeeding in clearing ground poisoned by Phosphide (9) REPLACING {P} in {CLEARING}*
16 Vessel going through massive inspection... (4) VEIN [T]
20 ...Crack around edge of stern causing oxidation (4) RUST {RU{St..n}T}
21 Accomplish nearly nothing in pursuit of investor, one who intimidates (9) BULLDOZER {BULL}{DO}{ZERo}
24 Help from the East with aim to save money – Essentially, it makes ends meet (8) DIAGONAL {AID<=}{GO{moNey}AL}
26 Celebrated gold rush (6) AUGUST {AU}{GUST}
28 Shore so clean It's in good shape! (9) COASTLINE*
29 Conduct boy band (5) BRING {B}{RING}
30 Indicated good man admired villain at the beginning (12) DEMONSTRATED {DEMON}{ST}{RATED}

2   First sign of nonconformance caught by cunning, tireless auditors (9) LISTENERS {No...e} in {TIRELESS}*
3   Spinner captivates some orthodox linguists with clue about 'particle' (8) MOLECULE {Or...x}{Li...s}{CLUE*} in {ME}
4   Foreigner's side to depart (4) EXIT {E{XI}T}
5   Politely requests worker to get tips from lady (10) PLEASANTLY {PLEAS}{ANT}{LadY}
6   Rodent let out to frighten (6) RATTLE {RAT}{LET*}
7   Cathy travels by boat (5) YACHT*
8   Started to live with unrelenting person from the South (5) BEGAN {BE}{NAG<=}
9   Forming alliance with Liberals upfront is as good as degenerating (7) SLIDING {S{L}IDING}
14 Caution cop in a riot situation (10) OCCUPATION*
17 English team has English quota and very 'English' boss (9) EXECUTIVE {E}{X{E}{CUT}I}{V}{E}
18 Creation for channel (7) PRODUCT {PRO}{DUCT}
19 Company-made album featuring one city (8) COLUMBIA {CO}{LUMB{1}A*}
22 Beginning to bend rule about foundation (6) BOTTOM {Bend}{MOTTO<=}
23 Setter initially earns name with extremely likeable setting (5) STAGE {Se...r}{TAG}{l...lE}
25 Uncooperative wicket-keeper stays away from presentation (5) AWARD AwkWARD
27 Restrained King's excited pet (4) KEPT {K}{PET*}