Friday, 22 May 2015

No 11401, Friday 22 May 2015, Neyartha

Note: Starred clues carry no direct definition, but they are all types of a geometric shape

1   It might get written after a person's departure (8) OBITUARY [E]
5   Rubble found by the young socialite and a gentleman from the east (6) DEBRIS {DEB}{RIS<=}
9   Greek character goes around Romania and America's south-east for the bridal wardrobe (9) TROUSSEAU {T{RO}{US}{SE}AU}
11 A sandwich without the topping for one who advocates (5) URGER bURGER
12 Clumsy boats returning to pick up Bill Knight's medieval musical instrument (7) SACKBUT SACKBUT {S{AC}{K}BUT<=}
14 Lamppost set up without son's hand-held computing device (7) PALMTOP LAMPPOsT*
15 Selected trio in trouble with the polygraphs (3,9) LIE DETECTORS*
17 Factors related to mental measurements (12) PSYCHOMETRIC [E]
20 English poet in Switzerland for sulphur in a dish (7) CHAUCER (-s+ch)CHAUCER
22 Oriental sign found outside the diary with a short poem (7) EULOGIE {E}U{LOG}IE Anno pending. (Addendum - ECLOGUE - {E}{C{LOG}UE} - See comments)
23 Medieval German pope and Italian philosopher condemned for heresy (5) BRUNO [DD/GK]
24 Protestant encountered folded dhotis inside (9) METHODIST {ME{DHOTIS*}T}
26 Rage revealed in letters from the Tennessee theatre ... (6) SEETHE [T]
27 ... next to the leading aspirin dispensary just around central Etowah's new terminal (8) ADJACENT Acrostic

1   *Pushy four move out after the monarch abdicates (6) OBTUSE OBTrUSivE
2   *Sees coils getting unwound (9) ISOSCELES*
3   Raises part of the teacup set (3) UPS [T]
4   German physicist with an Indian herbal soap turns up for an X-ray (13) ROENTGENOGRAM {ROENTGEN}{OGRAM<=}
6   *Counterpart embracing retail development (11) EQUILATERAL {EQU{RETAIL*}AL}
7   *A religious ceremony for the auditor (5) RIGHT (~rite)
8   Left with no options, one might do this to a barrel's bottom (6) SCRAPE [CD]
10 Revolutionary to cure dependent at sea (13) UNPRECEDENTED*
13 Speaker's split fabric to make a garment (11) BREECHCLOTH (~breach){BREECH}{CLOTH}
16 Identify and appreciate (9) RECOGNISE [DD]
18 Diving apparatuses from South Carolina with Basu's uniform moved to the top (6) SCUBAS {SC}{(+u)UBAS(-u)}
19 Cross gets rid of the pawn in a set of seven and half a dozen (6) SEXTET SE(-p+x)XTET
21 *Copper carried by upset Greek character (5) ACUTE {A{CU}TE<=}
25 Star, becoming bright, needs no introduction to the eggs (3) OVA nOVA


Thursday, 21 May 2015

No 11400, Thursday 21 May 2015, Gridman

1   A person with burning desires (8) ARSONIST [E]
5   Excitement from a short hour going through cash register (6) THRILL {T{HR}ILL}
9   Old dynasty's father’s rather lavish without second (7) PAHLAVI {PA}{LAVIsH*}
10 Indistinct car enters, having the colour of the sky (7) BLURRED {BLU{RR}ED}
11 Oman pacer goes around to catch a bird (9) CAMPANERO*
12 Topic of an egoist? (5) THEME {THE}{ME}
13 Brings no black teacup handles (4) EARS bEARS
14 Murder mystery makes Hindu now tense and tremulous (9) WHODUNNIT {HINDU+NOW+T}*
17 Usual memo to refurbish the Taj Mahal, say (9) MAUSOLEUM*
19 Objects to retrieving counterfoil (4) STUB <=
23 B___ heat's awful! Wash is required (5) BATHE {B}{HEAT}*
24 In the last month, a measure by Cyprus exposes grossness (9) INDECENCY {IN}{DEC}{EN}{CY}
25 Time for squaring up? (7) EVENING [DD]
26 National, in short, makes appeal (7) ITALIAN in short is IT
27 Detective gets nothing right! That's weird (6) SPOOKY {SP{O}{OK}Y}
28 Hurt a couple of girls, ever one is troubled (8) AGGRIEVE {A}{GG}{EVER+1}*

1   Faced Ted's pace tremblingly (8) ASPECTED*
2   He plots to have son, married, in good spirits (7) SCHEMER {S}{CHE{M}ER}
3   African animals from U.S. city. “Oh woe.” (6) NYALAS {NY}{ALAS}
4   Terrifying media bias on Egyptian leader's lessening (13) SPINECHILLING {SPIN}{Eg...n}{CHILLING} Lessening as in temperature reduction.
6   In a ghostly sort of way, relative is covered by astringent (8) HAUNTING {H{AUNT}ING}
7   National is lifting king at one (7) ISRAELI {IS}{RAEL<=}{1}
8   It helps one to maintain one's balance (6) LEDGER [CD]
10 Horrifying old OB emerges (13) BLOODCURDLING {OLD+OB}*
15 Star's bloomer is killed, to begin with (8) ASTERISK {ASTER}{IS}{Ki...d}
16 It's up in the airadult Turkish ruler's weapon broken at the top (8) ABEYANCE {A}{BEY}{lANCE}
18 A right code set out for a building design style (3,4) ART DECO {A}{RT} {CODE}*
20 XXX French island for a stretch (7) TENSILE {TENS}{ILE}
21 Dwell on old boy's meeting dismissing retrograde leader (6) OBSESS {OB}{SESS1on<=}
22 Bakery product I clear off (6) ECLAIR*