Friday, 25 July 2014

No.11146, Friday 25 July 2014, The Phantom


8 Work offer engineer got, didn’t involve travel (6) EFFORT (OFFER* T)
9 Aussie hooligan’s endless desire to lift a posh car (8) LARRIKIN (LIKINg around Rolls Royce) Had to cheat for this one ...
10 Mark’s facing principal for bad behaviour (8) MISCHIEF (M IS CHIEF)
                                            Cartoon by Rishi

11 Has built a room outside retreat (6) ASHRAM (HAS* A with RM outside)
12 Shoot (holding sawn-off firearm) a silhouette (6) FIGURE (FIRE holding GUn)
13 Last four knocked out in ODI Semi-final, resulting in changes (8) MODIFIES (ODI SEMI Final)* (knock of last letters of final)
15 Left in anguish lady is gutted, obviously (7) PLAINLY (L in PAIN LadY)
17 Germany’s rowing team crosses lake in joy (7) DELIGHT (D EIGHT crossing L)
20 He, she or I for example favour love between sisters (8) PRONOUNS ( PRO O between NUNS)
22 A hero’s at sea or on land? (6) ASHORE (A HERO'S)*
23Constant noise in radio set (6) STATIC (CD,DD)
25 Reluctance about wearing fashionable suit to get raise (8) INCREASE (IN RE in CASE)
26 Hard-working man follows regular drill at institute (8) DILIGENT (DrIlL I GENT)
27 Spooner’s free pics used as an introduction (6) PREFIX (Spoonerism of Free Pics)
   Cartoon by Bhargav

1 Bureaucrat’s absent regularly since 1{+s}{+t} April being disheartened (8) OFFICIAL (OFF sInCe I ApriL)
2 Study about big cat with cubs oddly left out result! (10) CONCLUSION (CON C LION outside cUbS)
3 Victory for a thousand in go-slow endeavour (6) STRIVE (V for K in STRIKE)
4 Tyro left Florida, got into crime, caught right away in disgrace (3,4) ILL FAME (L L FA in crIME) my anno is defective for FA is not the short form of Florida. Taking FLA, and presuming tyro left means deletion of L, I am still in trouble)
5 Organised labour to separate strand of silk and fabric (8) ORGANDIE (ORGANIsED)*
6 Angle chiefly formed involving side, hypotenuse (4) FISH (acrostic)
7 Individual blocks traffic leading to outburst (6) TIRADE (I in TRADE)
14 Fighter by mistake at criminal den is nervous (10) FRIGHTENED (FIGHTER* DEN*)
16 Has uncle put out fires? (8) LAUNCHES (HAS UNCLE)*
18 Water finally entering, had craft in trouble (8) HARDSHIP (R in HAD SHIP)
19 Helps Jenny escort sister at junction (7) ASSISTS (ASS escorts SIS at T)
21 “Keep on batting”, conveyed the Australian openers (6) RETAIN (RE IN carrying T A)
22 Acknowledge century’s record breaking performance (6) ACCEPT (C EP in ACT)
24 During exercise one runs over to fall (4) TRIP (1R in PT<)


Thursday, 24 July 2014

N0 11145, Thursday 24 Jul 2014, xChequer

Another good one from xChequer. I filled up 'slippers' at 4A and beat around the bush to search for 6D.

1   See 15 ac.
4   Queen wears casual trousers with loafers (8) SLACKERS {SLACK{ER}S}
10 Grant meant to be distributed without regressive tax (9) ALLOTMENT {A{LLOT<=}MENT*}
11 See 15a
12 American city fashionable earlier (7) CHICAGO {CHIC}{AGO}
13 Following spinner's introduction, two men caught at cover (7) SHEATHE {S}{HE}{AT}{HE}
14 Nip small children (4) TOTS [DD] (Correction - {TOT}{S} - Thanks to SMS from Ajeesh)
15 & 1ac., 11ac. Offer things of value to people who don't appreciate them? Sensible to scrap, few are involved (4, 6, 6, 5) CAST PEARLS BEFORE SWINE* Never heard this phrase before
See the Pearls cast after these swine !!
19 Transport for invalid where part of foot can disengage toilet locks (10) WHEELCHAIR {W{HEEL}C}{HAIR}
20 Friends hit back (4) PALS <=
23 See-saw overturned? Height of nonsense (7) EYEWASH {SEE+SAW}*{H} (Addendum - {EYE}{SAW<=}{H} - See comments)
26 Religious traveller, around fifty, sanctimonious and resolute (7) PILGRIM {PI}{L}{GRIM}
27 Hong Kong university receives excellent poem (5) HAIKU {H{A1}K}{U}
28 Rivals work from either direction before spreading net in opposite directions (9) OPPONENTS {OP<=>PO}{N{NET*}S}
29 What one perhaps does with old tyres, dreadfully serrated? (8) RETREADS*

                                                                                    Cartoon by Rishi

30 Fools taking time to show strengths (6) ASSETS {ASSE{T}S}
                              Cartoon by Rishi

                                              Cartoon by Bhargav

1   A combination of two animals: binturong and red panda? (7) BEARCAT {BEAR}{CAT}
2 & 22 dn. Two beginners tied in blanket finish scrambled to get method to complete this puzzle say (4,2,3,6) FILL IN THE BLANKS {FI{LL} IN THE BLANKS*}
3   It's allowed by Russia, a liberal tradition (6) RITUAL {R{IT}U}{A}{L}
5   Much described universal flower (5) LOTUS {LOT{U}S}
6   Pampered, yet firm on son to be prepared with education (8) COSSETED {CO}{S}{SET}{ED}
7   Electronic reference book for law (5) EDICT {E}{DICT}
8   They search; there are limits to knowledge that wise men possess (7) SEEKERS {SEE{KnowledgE}RS}
9   Adjusted cap on the monument for dead soldiers (8) CENOTAPH*
16 Shadow churchwarden possibly, end where gas gets exhausted (8) TAILPIPE {TAIL}{PIPE}
17 Change positions to bring up variety (9) REARRANGE {REAR}{RANGE}
18 Prayer certain to bring joy … (8) PLEASURE {PLEA}{SURE}
19 … if meteorological condition's sound (7) WHETHER (~weather)
21 Savoury snacks from Assam, so fresh (7) SAMOSAS*
22 See 2 dn.
24 Prince Victor has bounce (5) EVICT [T]

                                Cartoon by Rishi
25 Bone seen in heads of Himalayan yaks or Indian donkeys (5) HYOID {H}{Y}{O}{I}{D}