Thursday, 8 December 2016

No 11872, Thursday 08 Dec 2016, Incognito

8   Wish that man has small operation (4) HOPE {H{OP}E}
9   Princess's hot in Indian dress (5) DHOTI {D{HOT}I}
10 Kiss priest before commencement of Eucharist with Catholic king (4) PECK {Pr...t}{Eu...t}{C}{K}
11 American Depository Receipt has zero income tax – that is ingenious (6) ADROIT {ADR}{O}{IT}
12 – in relation to 1728 (4,4) CUBE ROOT Definition by example
13 Become Jerome Silberman and bemuse (8) BEWILDER {BE}{WILDER}
15 Curie's bizarre journey at sea (6) CRUISE*
17 Ox of large size found around the Line of Control (7) BULLOCK {BUL{LOC}K}
19 Second hand vehicle made with US cedar (4-3) USED-CAR*
22 Maiden danced to city with The Gates' Mansion (6) MEDINA*
24 Indian fires and irritates (8) INFLAMES {IN}{FLAMES}
26 Scrawl: "Crush blackberries after throwing away broken rake" (8) SCRIBBLE BLaCkBerRIES*
28 A couple of sailors make some sauce (6) TARTAR {TAR}{TAR}
30 Nude changed sides leaving package (4) BALE BA(-r+l)LE
31 Sloop goes around – goes around in circles (5) LOOPS*
32 Primarily contraption accommodating gorillas etc. (4) CAGE Acrostic &lit

1   Cross river hiding gold in female's dress initially (4) FORD {Fe...e}{OR}{Dr..s}
2   Monument built by me using technique and Gulf money (8) MEMORIAL {ME}{MO}{RIAL}
3   Journalists with oomph prepared material for publication (6) EDITED {ED}{IT}{ED}
4   Study a scientific institution and worry (7) CONCERN {CON}{CERN}
5   Ask if NBC harmed whales (8) FINBACKS*
6   Copy royal copper and get immediate, intuitive insight (6) APERCU {APE}{R}{CU}
7   Sound return before foxtrot (4) ECHO E comes before F
14 Escape from duel rescheduled before start of Easter (5) ELUDE {DUEL}*{Ea...r}
16 Excuse slender substitute (5) SPARE [MD]
18 Priest enters empty chapel yard displaying bad temper (8) CRABBILY {Cha{RABBI}peL}{Y}
20 Transvestite ethnic group's hot rod contest (4,4) DRAG RACE {DRAG} {RACE}
21 Get rid of animal – it is used for browsing (7) FIREFOX {FIRE}{FOX}
23 Setter gets up for flowers (6) IRISES {I}{RISES}
25 Obsession of alien inhabiting marine creature (6) FETISH {F{ET}ISH}
27 Talk of French building without French water (4) CHAT CHATeau
29 Gargoyles have a mythical boat (4) ARGO [T]

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

No 11871, Wednesday 07 Dec 2016, Neyartha

It's tennis again

7   Gear, spoilt after immersion in oils, returned to the harem (8) SERAGLIO {GEAR}* in {OILS<=}
9   Handsome young man with a number to get rid of trouble in the game (6) TENNIS {TEN}{adoNIS} As per the clue this becomes {adoNIS}{TEN}
10 Cue redcoat broadcast in getting readied for battle in the US (10) ACCOUTERED*
11 Such a customer could be difficult to deal with (4) UGLY [CD]
12 Reportedly require early closing of a joint (4) KNEE (~ need)
13 Rusticate and dispatch the soft fine feathers (4,4) SEND DOWN {SEND} {DOWN}
16 Stiff and coarse fabric from a gymnastic horse and an adult male sheep (7) BUCKRAM {BUCK}{RAM}
18 Blunt British leader participating in the launches has been sent back (7) STUBBED {Br...h} in {DEBUTS<=}
20 Cook, aggressive, abandons ship to cause pain (8) AGGRIEVE AGGREssIVE*
21 Bad mood's a result of the letters from the Mosul Kurds (4) SULK [T]
23 Pirate's card game (4) CRIB [DD]
24 Avail offer to break up the romance (4,6) LOVE AFFAIR*
25 Noise from a sports implement on the radio (6) RACKET (~racquet)
26 Centre's arrangement to secure Ohio is logical (8) COHERENT {OH} in {CENTRE}*

1   Tied score? Come to the conclusion that one of the Democrats needs to escape (5) DEUCE DEdUCE
2   Hard to get under an ark? Nab kangaroo adapted to the region in Azerbaijan (7-8) NAGORONO-KARABAKH {ARK+NAB+KANGAROO}*{H}Would never have got this without Google
3   Traps avoided by the locals? (7) TOURIST [CD]
4   Time to trade places with the son after clean up to get a large-headed nail (4) STUD {DUS<=>T}<=
5   Funnel-shaped uniform bin? Fluid has messed it up (15) INFUNDIBULIFORMGoogle to the rescue again
6   Slicker catching sound of a bovine that is more gracile (9) WILLOWIER {LOW}in {WILIER}
8   Beverage found in a shallow dish with the edges removed (5) LATTE pLATTEr
14 Revolutionary X's trap? (3) NET <=
15 Boor from Rhode Island supports university student over Georgia breaking into a camper (9) VULGARIAN {U}{L}{GA}{RI} in {VAN}
17 Expert's bracelet concealed (3) ACE [T]
19 Work of the bridge opponents supported by the king facing evil (7) SERVICE {SE}{R}{VICE}
21 Cut the student out for the maiden's success (5) SMASH S(-l+m)MASH
22 Well-wisher gets rid of the castle's evil spirit (5) FIEND FrIEND
24 Departed behind schedule (4) LATE [DD]