Friday, 24 March 2017

No 11963, Friday 24 Mar 2017, Gridman

1   Ram's ready for sweet-talk (6,2) BUTTER UP {BUTTER} {UP}
5   Get a bit of commercial tax (6) ACCESS {A}{Co...l}{CESS}
10 Proclaim: U.S. President meets alien (7) TRUMPET {TRUMP}{ET}
11 Garment in general (7) OVERALL [DD]
12 Charge our country almost going to court (6) INDICT {INDIa}{CT}
13 Time for an event (8) OCCASION [DD]
15 Almost whimsical recall by nobleman (4) LORD DROLl<=
16 What an accident on the road may well bring about — how a fight in a movie can be described (5,5) ANGRY SCENE [DD]
18 Ultramodern directions on tooth by the French dentist initiated (10) NEWFANGLED {N}{E}{W}{FANG}{LE}{De...t}
20 Questions Tamil leader abandoning jobs to be done (4) ASKS tASKS
23 Someone who cares for earth organises force to take on each kind, to begin with (8) ECOFREAK {FORCE}*{EA}{Kind}
24 Dust settles on India's top old workroom (6) STUDIO {DUST}*{In..a}{O}
26 With a bit of rice, Olivia cooked an Italian dish (7) RAVIOLI {Rice}{OLIVIA}*
27 Left, as a large number came in with feelings roused (7) EXCITED {EX{C}ITED}
28 Thin light falling over sport official (6) RAREFY {RA{REF}Y}
29 Give confidence to old menbe barmy (8) EMBOLDEN*

1   How one may get a thing done even if it means bumbling through (2,5,3,5) BY TRIAL AND ERROR [CD]
2   Cry loudly — sometimes it's stolen from others (7) THUNDER [C&DD]
3   Look for the answer! (6) EXPECT [DD]
4   Solving this clue is __ __ you! (2,2) UP TO [FITB]
6   Crack Chennai's top investor retreating with heads of school education (8) CREVASSE {Ch...i}{SAVER<=}{Sc..l}{Ed...n}
7   Woman holding up entry form is dodgy (7) EVASIVE {EV{VISA<=}E}
8   You may be silver-tongued but not speaking might help better (7,2,6) SILENCE IS GOLDEN [CD]
9   Strenuous musical performance by boy (9) CONCERTED {CONCERT}{ED}
14 Puzzling to have giant mice running about (9) ENIGMATIC*
17 What old women liked to do in the past decades with daughters and sons in the mating game (5,3) MARRY OFF [CD]
19 Any woman, though, opts herself out (7) WHOEVER {W}{HOwEVER}
21 Under the influence of drugs, son and sweetheart went out together (7) SEDATED {S}{swEet}{DATED}
22 Strips put up on company's decorative material (6) STUCCO {CUTS<=}{CO}
25 Wave made by each man (4) PERM {PER}{M}


Thursday, 23 March 2017

No 11962, Thursday 23 Mar 2017, Gridman

1   Collector's opening bid for small boxes (7) COFFERS {Co...r}{OFFER}{S}
5   Look back in the limits of Changanacherry — it's shiver-inducing (6) CREEPY {PEER<=} in {Ch...rY}
9   One in a section of church is ingenuous (5) NAIVE {NA{1}VE}
10 Reckless person's road speed recalibrated (9) DESPERADO*

11 Stiff boor broken with limited cudgel (7) ROBOTIC {BOOR}*{sTICk}
12 Nervous complaint following disparate sale of band (7) ELASTIC {SALE}*{TIC}
13 Greeting from rebel to the queen (5) CHEER {CHE}{ER}
14 Frequency of chic detectives taking a measure at the church (9) INCIDENCE {IN}{CID}{EN}{CE}
16 Burning desire of extreme party to take on a country (9) PYROMANIA {PartY}{ROMANIA}
19 A large number inside to move laterally (5) SIDLE {SID{L}E}
21 Held the will I cited as unauthorised (7) ILLICIT [T]
23 Backache arising out of you finally taking part in a difficult gambol (7) LUMBAGO {yoU} in {GAMBOL}*
24 Former patient admits editor after dismissing a model — it's appropriate (9) EXPEDIENT {EX}{P(-at+ed)EDIENT}
25 To South Arcot these young people get glossy fabrics (5) TEENS saTEENS
26 Old lover embracing girl is one who does a lot of walking (6) LEGMAN {LE{G}MAN}
27 I seem to be tossed about among Poles in retributive justice (7) NEMESIS {I+SEEM}* in {N}{S}

1   Devices that don't help figures in birth register to go up (14) CONTRACEPTIVES [CD]
2   Rex — one in story — is easily broken (7) FRIABLE {F{R}{1}ABLE}
3   One who discards throws out head bouncer (7) EJECTOR rEJECTOR
4   Son cautioned about not having a pulling power (9) SEDUCTION {S}{CaUTIONED}*
5   Social class we're told to discard (5) CASTE (~cast)
6   Eve's first dream revolves around snatching lover's top stone (7) EMERALD {Eve}{MERA{Lo..r}D*}}
7   Pa on the refitted carriage (7) PHAETON*
8   Buildings set in a city for people to live in (8,6) CONCRETE HOUSES {CONCRETE} {HOUSES}
15 Fraud is almost slack in plan to nab a man (9) CHARLATAN {CHAR{LAx}T}{A}{N} Anno for N pending. Seems to be a mix-up in the clue See comments
17 Backsliding by careless leapers (7) RELAPSE*
18 Two men together produce paving material (7) MACADAM {MAC}{ADAM}
19 Review my post with first medico for a sign of illness (7) SYMPTOM {MY+POST}*{Me...o}
20 Cabinets for old-fashioned underwear? (7) DRAWERS [DD]
22 Bond's market ploy (3-2) TIE-IN [DD]