Wednesday, 23 April 2014

No 11066, Wednesday 23 Apr 2014, Neyartha

Island hopping with Neyartha

7   Rue auto-van accident in a French school of architecture (3,7) ART NOUVEAU*
9   Bohemian get-together’s leaderless (4) ARTY pARTY
10 Carribbean islands upset saint going around the extension counter (8) ANTILLES {ANTI{LLE<=}S*}
11 Knight overwhelms bachelor in row with a football player and…. (6) KICKER (-b+k)KICKER
12 ….Finally gets Turkish radio to track a disassembled barrel (5) SHOOK {S}{H}{O}{O}{K}
13 Cried on the radio after sweeping attack (9) BROADSIDE {BROAD}{SIDE}(~sighed)
14 I put mom in disguise that is perfect (7) OPTIMUM*
17 Rate broadcast covering case brought about by a pet shelter visitor, perhaps (7) ADOPTER {A{DOP<=}TER*}
20 Playful kittens go around commander with elastic knitted fabric (9) STOCKINET {ST{OC}KINET*}
22 Arrogant noble (5) LOFTY [DD]
25 Cuban yanking part of a tree (6) BANYAN [T]
26 Laugh about lawyer deeply immersed in bill causing trouble (8) HEADACHE {HE{A{DA}C}HE}
27 Charlie at the wrong place with the underworld queen’s whale (4) ORCA (-c)OR(+c)CA
28 Ill-disposed artisans infected with tuberculosis in a Caribbean island (5,5) SAINT BARTS {SAIN{T B}ARTS*}

1   Sharp worker fired from a military shelter (6) TRENCH TRENCHant
2   Daughter gets rid of the ruffian’s second letter in a listless manner (5) DULLY (-b+d)DULLY
3   Crazy to have gone this way? (7) BERSERK [CD]
4,5 Croatian’s ducks harassed in the Caribbean islands (5,3,6) TURKS AND CAICOS*
5   See 4 down
6   German number initially found inside revolutionary Greek letter with the audience member (8) ATTENDEE {AT{TEN}{DE}E<=}
8   Keralite, say, with a bird lacking wings in the capital (7) NAIROBI {NAIR}{rOBIn} Wouldn't be surprised if this capital was founded by this Keralite!!
15 Crown turns up with a Scottish terrier in a Pacific island (8) PITCAIRN {PIT}{CAIRN}
16 The Red Brigade might encourage workers to do this (8) UNIONISE [CD]
18 Root vegetable raised by king initially under father’s protection was fairly divided (3,4) PRO RATA {P{R}{O RAT<=}A}
19 American method, practical, for an engineering school to be on top of the announced cut (7) TECHNIC {TECH}{NIC}(~nick)
21 Carribbean islands with an alligator-like reptile (6) CAYMAN [DD]
23 Airtight design from Greece went missing in a Pacific island (6) TAHITI AIRTIgHT*
24 Animal tail smuggled to an island (5) MALTA [T]

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

No 11065, Tuesday 22 Apr 2014, Neyartha

One for the geeks today.

1 Poland sends back Greek character after upset relatives eat out of a costly utensil (6,5) SILVER PLATE {ReLatIVES}* {PL}{ATE<=}
9 Cheer as music helps terrace the Dutch theologian (7) ERASMUS [T]
10 Student in America is after a pen that may be used on some tablets (6) STYLUS {STY}{L}{US} PEN on double duty
11 Lazy model moves in to put to rest (5) INTER IN(+t)TER(-t)
12 Russia ignored fearfully odd blank page (7) FLYLEAF FEArFuLLY*
15 Dish with an edible root from Cuba overwhelms the king (4) TACO TA(-r+c)CO
16 Active CPA in trouble for hoarding one type of (24,26) Ac. (10) CAPACITIVE {CAPACAT{1}VE*}
18 Lion’s visit affected some musicians (10) VIOLINISTS*
20 Audibly raises the wood cutting tool (4) ADZE (~adds)
23 Creeks’ issues (7) STREAMS [DD]
24,26 It may make a tablet attractive (5,6) TOUCH SCREEN [GK]
26 See 24
27 Horse carries date to Georgia’s ball in anger (7) DUDGEON {DU{D}{GE}{O}N}
28 Noisy quarrel with Charlie involved in the revision (11) ALTERCATION {ALTER{C}ATION}

2 Jail juvenile after Austria’s loss (6) IMMURE IMMatURE
3 Concealed devastation was considerable (4) VAST [T]
4 Addict sent up by officer meets workers to get the outcomes (10) RESULTANTS {RESU<=}{LT}{ANTS}
5 Assert one’s right to risk an allegation (3,5) LAY CLAIM [CD]
6 A seismic shock might set this off (7) TSUNAMI [GK]
7 Missed notice on adversities resolved by a type of (24,26 ac.) (9) RESISTIVE adVERSITIES*
8 Type of feedback that a tablet might provide? The strange chap picks it up (6) HAPTIC {HAP{TI<=}C*}
13 Simian playfully drives into a soft mineral possessing protective power (10) TALISMANIC {TAL{SIMIAN*}C}
14 Bell’s invention mostly mobile nowadays (9) TELEPHONE [CD]
17 Small church seat bracket given by the hoarder before going north (8) MISERERE {MISER}{ERE<=} Never heard of this, had to Google this one.
19 Visual showing the auditor’s mark inside an opaque gem (7) OPTICAL {OP{TIC(~tick)}AL}
21 Mild expletive’s socially acceptable for one freed from frost, say (6) DEUCED {DE(-i+u)UCED
22 Type of apartment where shootings take place? (6) STUDIO [DD]
25 Rewrite law to evict the Christian leader (4) EDIT EDIcT