Saturday, 17 March 2018

No 12267, Saturday 17 Mar 2018, Skulldugger

A devilish piece of work today. Answer and anno of 17D  for  left for a first time commenter till 10 AM.


1. Prince of darkness surrounded by fireflies' light due to this (9) LUCIFERIN {LUCIFER}{IN}
6. After tip off, arrest gangster with precious object (4) OPAL {cOP}{AL}
8. United, staff advanced through hilly areas (8) AVIATORS {A}{VIA}{TORS}
9. Fresh air reportedly in natural state (6) NUDITY {~ NEW DITTY}
10. Bookmaker's apprentice really disheartened by fiendish puzzle (8,7) PRINTERS DEVILRY {PRINTER'S DEVIL}{ReallY}
11. Proctor also covers exams (5) ORALS (T)
13. Old speech caused confusion in its ranks (8) SANSKRIT {ITS+RANKS*}
15. Robin's reproductive success dictated by this woman's urges to abort son (5,3) BIRDS EGG {BIRD}{S} {EGGs}
18. Extremely vile trick adopted by Salem gang! (5) COVEN {CO{VilE}N}
20. Hippies on Hamlet: "Deplorably diabolical" (15) MEPHISTOPHELIAN {HIPPIES+ON+HAMLET*}
23. Want 7 rupee skewers (6) DEARTH {DEA{R}TH}
24. College dances exotic, featuring Eastern rhythms (8) CADENCES {C}+{DANCE*} around {E}
25. Railways used irregularly, I am sorry to say (4) ALAS {rAiLwAyS}
26. Fill to the top with 14 pounds of sulphur (9) BRIMSTONE {BRIM}{STONE}


1. Party raised the bar (5) LEVER {REVEL<=}
2. Excavated passage right inside house of the dead (7) CHARNEL {CHA{R}NEL} {CHAn{R}NEL} See comments
3. Stabilised at zero Fahrenheit after fluctuation (5) FROZE {ZERO+F*}
4. Is opposed to Mark deserting mistress in distress (7) RESISTS {mISTRESS}*
5. Grandparent mourns in yellow clothes (8) NANKEENS {NAN}{KEENS}
6. The Adversary in Cellular Jail, for instance (3,4) OLD NICK (D & CD)
7. Comic Relief pursuing a daily fresh start (9) AFTERLIFE {A}{FT}{RELIEF*}
12. He rallies assembly to make a ruckus (5,4) RAISE HELL {HE+RALLIES*}
14. European mistress for Indian doctor rings Emergency Medical Services with a social call (8) MEMSAHIB {M{EMS}{A}{HI}B}
16. Deer regularly clipped after sundown, animal is thus rendered impotent (7) DEHORNS {DeEr}{(-s)HORN(+S)} Tense mismatch?
17. Italian fare for small party retreats institute held in clubhouse (7) G?O?C?I GNOCCHI {CONG<=}{CH}{I} See comments
19. Golden circle encompassing secure city (7) ORLANDO {OR}{LAND}{O}
21. Where one might spend 7 hours outside a meat shop overlooking Long Island (5) HADES {H{A}{DEli}S}
22. Mountain feature regularly hindered orienteer on Annapurna peak (5) ARETE {Annapurna}{oRiEnTeEr}

Reference List
Gangster=Al (Capone), Advanced=A, Son=S, Rupee=R, College=C, Eastern=E
Right=R, Fahrenheit=F, Mark=M, Daily=FT (Financial Times), Doctor=MB,Emergency Medical Service=EMS, Institute=I, Clubhouse=CH, Golden=OR, Circle=O, Long=L, Island=I

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Friday, 16 March 2018

No 12266, Friday 16 Mar 2018, KrisKross

Answer and anno for 22D left for a first-time commenter till 10AM.

1   Matchless woman performs like a top name, for the most part (8) SPINSTER {SPINS}{TERm}
5   Letters from war-torn country? (6) RWANDA  {W A and R}* My COD
9   Epitaph: "One born on 1st of April, by the riverside" (8) RIPARIAN {RIP}{ARIAN}
10 Kipling's character playing with old dress (6) KIMONO {KIM}{ON}{O}


By No machine-readable author provided. Lukacs~commonswiki assumed (based on copyright claims). - No machine-readable source provided. Own work assumed (based on copyright claims)., CC BY 2.5, Link
12 Brewed extremely light tea or coffee (5) LATTE {LighT+TEA}*
13 Vessel carrying harmful weapons (9) ARTILLERY {ART{ILL}ERY}
14 Payment, billed regularly, is inadequate (6) FEEBLE {FEE}{BiLlEd}
16 Gate pass must be won at all costs (2,2,3) DO OR DIE {DOOR}{DIE}
19 Time to return to country seat (7) OTTOMAN {T}{TO}<={OMAN}

Ottoman in a living room.jpg

21 In forest, unlawful to go around a tree (6) WALNUT [T<=]
23 Shower with glory, perhaps reaching this elusive target (4,5) HOLY GRAIL* {GLORY}* in {HAIL}
25 Possibly Bahrain, not an Indian state (5) BIHAR BAHRaIn*
26 Some plans were fit (6) ANSWER [T]
27 Time to give confidence to son, leaving to get a fortune (8) TREASURE {T}{REASsURE}
28 Tough and mischievous, say (6) KNOTTY (~naughty)
29 What about politician's unwarranted importance? (8) EMPHASIS {E{MP}H}{AS IS}
1   Desperately starting to swim, hero eventually reaches bank (6) SORELY {Swim}{herO}{RELY}
2   Setter's one breaking copyright, becoming frustrated (9) IMPATIENT {I'M}{PAT{1}ENT}
3   Splurge before visiting Singapore on vacation (5) SPREE {PRE} in {Si...rE}
4   Name spoilt…had to send out (7) EMANATE {NAME*}{ATE}
 Eddy's fur gloves, fashionable, covering both hands (9) WHIRLPOOL {W{HIP}{R)(L}OOL}
7   You need it to breathe, taking in oxygen — and it could choke you (5) NOOSE {NO{O}SE}
8   Terribly costly to go around Spain, following a group of fans (8) ACOLYTES {A}{COLYT{E}S*}
11 Ornament gathering dust (4) STUD*
15 Polite expression, yet bugs me somehow (2,2,5) BE MY GUEST*
17 Crazy after cash and sweets (9) DOUGHNUTS {DOUGH}{NUTS}


By Evan-Amos - Own work, Public Domain, Link
18 First carrier to launch a "bring-your-spouse-free" scheme? (5,3) NOAHS ARK [CD]
20 By starting to network, gets attention (4) NEAR {Ne...k}{EAR}
21 Glower at wife’s formal make-up (7) WOLFRAM {W}{FORMAL*}


By Ulfbastel - Self-photographed, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
22 My American partners eat red vegetables (6) ?R?E?S (Addendum - GREENS {G{R}EE}{NS} - See comments)
24 Catch girl with ring (5) LASSO {LASS}{O}
25 Live long, mostly in the seashore (5) BEACH {BE}{ACHe}