Wednesday, 20 August 2014

No.11168, Wednesday 20 Aug 2014, Scintillator

Scintillator scintillates with his 'e-co' system. I have a few annos pending ...

1 The Arabian takes a trace of confection in hotel menu (1,2,5) A LA CARTE (AL A TRACE*)
5 God's word to jettison chief in vessel (6) ORACLE (CORACLE - C)
9 Source can't be found for tightly drawn visual of a post-mortem (8) AUTOPTIC (tAUT OPTIC)
10 To manipulate head over heels and to be untruthful is typical of women (6) GIRLIE (RIG< LIE)

By Rishi

12 Music band causing men with cold hearts to melt (9) ORCHESTRA (OR C HEARTS*)
13 Short of choices, he grills fish (5) CISCO (CHOICES - HE)* a bit unsure of the indication, is it short of choices or short of 'he' to indicate deletion of 'he'?
14 Jack's calling aloud to find animal (4) TAHR (~TAR)
16 A refusal might be allowing amateur an exception (7) ANOMALY (A NO MAY around L)
19 Restricted type of firm (7) LIMITED (2)
21 Fizz in going around tizzies (4) SODA (ADOS)< since tizzy = ado
24 A peasant's cry of joy (5) YAHOO (2)
25 Nobleman in Britain said to find a Conservative praiseworthy (9) LAUDATORY (~LORD A TORY)
27 Get the picture of one wearing funky miniskirt(6) INTUIT (1 in IN  TUTu)
28 Relatively tough criminal topped in German resort (8) STRONGER  (G RESORT)*? N from?
29 When on the move, one's perhaps fine without this (6) TICKET (CD)
30 Honourable rule, having an objective to subjugate at all times (8) REVEREND (EVER in R END)

1 American area, most of which spans a rainforest (6) AMAZON (A in AM ZONe) &LIT
2 See husband putting flour on top to make a bond (6) ATTACH (ATTA C H)
3 Fruit drink to seduce powers that be (5) APPLE (PP in ALE)
4 Get dope to soak up excitement (7) TWITTER (TWIT RET<) See comments
6 Uncordial teasing that could brew into a storm (4-5) RAIN-CLOUD (UNCORDIAL*)
7 What you get from a profitable venture in California is immense (8) COLOSSAL (0 LOSS in CAL) I disagree, zero loss is not necessarily a profitable venture, it may be just break-even ...
8 Forthright seers, accepting as well, according to listeners (3,2,3) EYE TO EYE (~TOO accepted by 2 EYEs) Not sure if defn. is ok
11 Language, not of this island though (4) JAVA (CD,DD)
15 One involved in defacing a treacherous leader — he's our mandate (9) AUTHORISE (1 in A T HE'S OUR)*
17 Fun to hear old composer's collection of favourite songs? (8) PLAYLIST (PLAY ~LISZT)
18 Fat, noisy mice scurrying around with energy (8) EMPHATIC (~FAT with MICE*)
20 Dean's into modelling (4) DELL (T)
21 Public service is stopped and let to face stir (7) SHUTTLE (SHUT LET*)
22 Shy to make eyes at figure on the net (6) GOOGLE (GO OGLE) 'Figure' and 'on the net' could possibly be treated as two separate defn.s, but I leave it at that ...
Cartoon by Bhargav

23 Extremely hungry at wedding, newly-wed nearly turns cross (6) HYBRID (HungrY BRIDe)
26 It's trouble to stay in a house of bricks (5) ADOBE (ADO BE)


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

No 11167, Tuesday 19 Aug 2014, Arden

End of a fine and reasonably tough round from Arden.

1   Waste away like hollow steel, it’s said (6) RUSTLE {RUST}{LikE}
4   Caught on institute floor (8) CONFOUND {C}{ON}{FOUND}
9   French novelist’s novel ‘Stupor’ (6) PROUST*
10 Go down and see coaster often employed in a foreign country (8) DIPLOMAT {DIP}{LO}{MAT}
12 Seat provided by stock exchange (8) BUTTOCKS {BUT}{STOCK*} My COD

Cartoon by Rishi

13 Child follows final test paper (6) TISSUE {tesT}{ISSUE}
15 Go over and speak to the examining authority (12) INSPECTORATE {INSPECT}{ORATE}
18 Current lease covers article at gallery (12) AMPHITHEATRE {AMP}{HI{THE}{AT}RE}
21 Express surprise finding elusive capital (6) HARARE {HA}{RARE}
22 Go over Indo-Pak border by mistake and perish (8) COLLAPSE {COL<=}{LAPSE}
24 Around April see some support (8) ESPALIER*
25 Home worker has female child (6) INFANT {IN}{F}{ANT}
26 Capital is managed partly using charm (8) TALISMAN [T]
27 Army unit's close up (6) ASCEND {ASC}{END}

1   Thing from the past- protects local government (8) REPUBLIC {RE{PUB}LIC}
2   Extremely brief contract makes Bridge players tense (8) SHORTEST {SHORT}{ES}{T}
3   Go bananas as Rome blesses Noel (4,4,7) LOSE ONES MARBLES*
5   Heartless figure of a poet (4) OVID OVoID
6   Do solve this crossword? (4,2,3,6) FILL IN THE BLANKS [CD]
7   What every other surname will beg to reveal? (6) UNMASK {sUrNaMe}{ASK}
8   A girl model — she will hesitate (6) DITHER {DI}{T}{HER}
11 Small boat, years later, is still incomplete (7) SKETCHY {S}{KETCH}{Y}
14 Talk of love and Bill leaves (7) ORATION adORATION
16 Strike work quietly inside theatre (8) STOPPAGE {ST{OP}{P}AGE}
17 Much hated trial indeed (8) DETESTED {DE{TEST}ED}
19 Danger for soldier in the middle of that (6) THREAT {TH{RE}AT}
20 By changing sides fit to move (6) PROPEL PROPE(-r+l)L
23 Some bring up a plateful of cheese (4) FETA [<=]