Friday, 23 February 2018

No 12248, Friday 23 Feb 2018, Buzzer

Today being Friday only the blank clues will be posted. All those who are silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. There is no limit on how many answers you want to give. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake someone will correct it with the right annotation.

The regular blog will replace the clues at 4 PM after which anyone is free to comment. 

Thanks everyone for the response. Here is the regular blog 

1   I think of limos endlessly (2,2,7) IN MY OPINION {lIMOs}
9   About to cry, eyes oddly becoming small (6) PEEWEE {WEEP<=}{EyEs}
10 Ingenues flying blind (8) UNSEEING*
11 Retiring, turning to do this to a bulb (5) TIMID {DIM}{IT}<=
12 Grows old facing extremes of pennilessness (7) EXPANDS {EX}{P AND S}(Pe....eS)
13 Highlight of contest, boxing belt (5,3) BRING OUT {B{RING}OUT}
15 Key file in an encryption system (6) ESCROW {ESC}{ROW}
16 Autobahn flow stopped by congestion's beginning to get hopeless (6) ABJECT {AB}{JE{Co...n}T}
18 Old-fashioned steps taken struggling with test (3,5) THE TWIST*

20 Dethrone leader going off AWOL (3,4) NOT HERE dETHRONE*
21 Girl mostly nothing short of a looker (5) GAZER {GAl}{ZERo}
22 Find a voucher to obtain speaker (4,4) COME UPON {CO{ME}UPON}
23 Flying start nullified in propelling boat (6) OARING sOARING
24 Primarily those hiding inner flash perhaps (7,4) LANTERN FISH {Th..e+INNER+FLASH}* &lit

Lanternfish larva.jpg
Public Domain, Link

2   Novel's a lot detailed for reporter (7) NEWSMAN {NEW'S}{MANy}
3   Produce from yard area beginning to wane (5) YIELD {Y}{fIELD}
4   Pastor disrespectful, not wise (7) PRUDENT {P}{RUDE}NT Anno for NT not clear
5   Knows peace so to speak is a bridge (9) NOSEPIECE (~knows peace)
6   Officer commanding each navy icharge around sea (7) OCEANIC {OC}{EA}{N}{IC}
7   Hard on the brainso complicated (5,8) HEATH ROBINSON* &lit

Heath Robinson WWI.png
By W. Heath Robinson - Project Gutenberg ebook of NY Times Current history, Vol 1 Issue 6, Public Domain, Link

8   Won cash, does it bring tips out for cheap (2,1,10) ON A SHOESTRING {wON+cASH+dOES+iT+bRING}
14 Battlefront he's potentially circled quickly (2,3,4) ON THE SPOT [T]
17 Meme essentially breaking more limits (7) EXTREMA {EXTR{mEMe}A}
18 Tennis shot clipping net where not hard (7) TWEENER {NET+WhERE}*

19 Pupils taking in one head of zen masters (7) WIZARDS {W{1}{Zen}ARDS}
21 Be fired and leave (2,3) GO OFF [DD]

Will Railway Ribaldry by HEATH ROBINSON be reviewed in a newspaper these days? No way!
The NEWSMAN of today is never PRUDENT and can make mountain of a mole hill.
He can bring THE TWIST in anything and everything. The reporters, they are ON THE SPOT for even the most insignificant event. Their budget is huge and never ON A SHOESTRING.
Why don't they BRING OUT facts which are useful and informative?
Because they will have to YIELD to their bosses.
You want to give your honest opinion?

"NOT HERE" !!!


Thursday, 22 February 2018

No 12247, Thursday 22 Feb 2018, Gridman

Answer and anno for 7D left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.

1   Airing rubbish about eastern country (7) NIGERIA {NIG{E}RIA*}
5   Opportunity provided by most of church area (6) CHANCE CHANCEl
9   Good Samaritan's son refined limitlessly (5) SAINT {S}{dAINTy}
10 Reckon US State's copper's not on schedule (9) CALCULATE {CAL}{CU}{LATE}
11 Old female staves off insults (7) OFFENDS {O}{F}{FENDS}
12 Ring State TV employees for launching the unmatched piece (7) ODDMENT {O}{DD MEN}{The}
13 You in Delhi return a length of fine material (5) TULLE {TU}{ELL<=}
14 Have a difficult time on a recalcitrant mount (4,5) RIDE ROUGH [C&DD]
16 Initial mistake of a fielder (5,4) FIRST SLIP {FIRST} {SLIP}
19 Cobra twists around a tree (5) CAROB*
21 Standard from 1947: "For the dear ___ ___, I die" (3,4) OLD FLAG [FITB]
23 Desire to leave head on the payroll (7) EARNING yEARNING
24 Peak that David and Anne reached excitedly (5,4) NANDA DEVI*

Mt. Nanda Devi.jpg

25 Hesitate to leave female in change (5) ALTER fALTER
26 Priest slams badly-written songs (6) PSALMS {P}{SLAMS*}
27 New entertainer with no hard, strange drink (7) NOSTRUM {N}{hOST}{RUM}

1   Upset by the rise of Sone? (4,3,2,5) NOSE OUT OF JOINT {SONE}* [RA]
2   Frenchman possesses brief news that is worthwhile (7) GAINFUL {GA{INFo}UL}
3   Regret about Erode's first container train (7) RETINUE {R{Er..e}{TIN}UE}
4   A home footloose Raj left houses the first of clan from the family tree (9) ANCESTRAL {A}{N{Clan}EST}{RAj}{L}
5   Pen on old instrument (5) CELLO {CELL}{O}
6   Like two foreign articles — in pieces (7) ASUNDER {AS}{UN}{DER}
 It goes on head of man — fellow late in starting (7) C?A?E?U (Addendum - CHAPEAU {CHAP}{bEAU} - See comments))
8   Make a loud noise by playing tavil perhaps (4,3,3,4) BEAT THE BIG DRUM [C&DD]
15 Power having cut all round in view of shortage in supply (9) DEPLETION {DE{P}LETION} Semi&lit
17 Squirrels and rats, for example, run over holes (7) RODENTS {R}{O}{DENTS}
18 Such a narrative holds back nothing (4-3) TELL-ALL [CD]
19 Accountants go round red ship for body (7) CARCASS {CA}{R}{CA}{SS}
20 One put in list to revel (7) ROISTER {RO{1}STER}
22 Reckon visitors spilt tea (5) GUESS GUEStS


The news:
Some papers might BEAT THE BIG DRUM and publish it.
The name:
NANDA DEVI, a tradition bound young woman.
The incident:
Nanda's ANCESTRAL SAINT helped her in securing a plum GAINFUL job. She had a ROUGH RIDE in the first few days. But she didn't want to lose the CHANCE of a lifetime. The first EARNING woman in her community!
But  then what is news worthy?
Something that put THE NOSE OUT OF JOINT.
GUESS what Nanda Devi did with her first salary? 
"Nanda goes to the mall (after receiving her first salary) with RETINUE and buys her ????? ???? (5,4)"