Saturday, 21 January 2017

No 11910, Saturday 21 Jan 2017, Buzzer


1. In the existing circumstances what's rest? (2,2,2) AS IT IS {A SIT IS}
5. It gives encouragement when training after training has walk beginning to falter (3,4) PEP TALK {PE}{P T}{wALK}
9. Perhaps fresh-new adieu heading out of Essen (3,11) AUF WIEDERSEHEN {FRESH+NEW+ADIEU+Essen}* &lit
11. Close call, extremely on edge (6) CLINCH {CalL}{INCH}
12. Happy about umpire out in the middle (8) CAREFREE {CA}{RE FeREE}
13. Cold water in half formed clouds (5) CIRRI {C}{IRRIgate}
14. Swell time no good to return to initial position (9) BOOMERANG {BOOM}{ERA}{N}{G}
16. He tears up, crying a river (9) EUPHRATES {HE+TEARS+UP}*
18. Exhaust a bore filling drum (5) TABOR (T)
20. Master's degree woman professor is in love with (6,2) MASHED ON {MA}{SHE}{D ON}
22. Pierce is one man portraying spy essentially (6) IMPALE {I}{M{sPy}ALE}
24. Dead are so // cool (3,2,4,5) OUT OF THIS WORLD (DD)
25. Arabic ways, right to left in a magazine (7) ARSENAL {AR}{LANES<=}
26. Sort of engine on elevated railway conks out (6) DIESEL {DIES}{EL}


2. Dish one's dipping into is more fresh (7) SAUCIER {SAUC{I}ER}
3. Former official, a judge seen round private clubs (4,5) TOWN CRIER {T{OWN} {C}RIER}
4. Say-so showing constant bias (4) SKEW {~SEW} around {K}
5. Hunters before throwing darts gathered round (9) PREDATORS {PRE}{DARTS*} around {O}
6. Cement mixture (5) PASTE (DD)
7. Spiritual leader is cautious entering support group for drunks (7) ACHARYA {A{CHARY}A}

8. More helpful drawing-in information for a children's class (12) KINDERGARTEN {KINDER}{G{ART}EN}
10. Going around Med/Corsica over a float (3-5,4) ICE-CREAM SODA {MED+CORSCIA}* around {A}

14. Engagement that is trouble for both later (9) BETROTHAL {BOTH+LATER}*
15. Unprepared for one-time casual worker having nothing on (9) EXTEMPORE {EX}{TEMP}{O}{RE}
17. Envelope set aside, containing old money (7) PESETAS (T)

19. One needs to get a feel for this language (7) BRAILLE (CD)
21. Charming selfie, one off-limits (5) ELFIN {sELFIe}{oNe}
23. Old and every so often unsteady (4) USED {UnStEaDy}

Training=PE, Training=PT, About=Ca, Cold=C, Time=Era, No=N, Good=G, Master's degree=MA, Woman=She, Professor=Don, One=I, Man=Male, Arabic=Ar, Elevated railway=EL
Clubs=C, Constant=K, Round=O, Support group for drunks=AA (Alcoholic Anonymous), Drawing=Art, Information=Gen, One-time=Ex, Casual worker=Temp, Nothing=O, On=Re

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Friday, 20 January 2017

No 11909, Friday 20 Jan 2017, Gridman

1   Agitated trainer detains one physician ahead for being dogmatic (11) DOCTRINAIRE {DOC}{TR{1}NAIRE*}
9   Coax The Hindu to entertain His Excellency and journalist (student) (7) WHEEDLE {W{HE}{ED}{L}E} WE for The Hindu? See comments
10 Step by step, by degrees (7) GRADUAL [E]
11 One who would love to have a gander? (5) GOOSE [CD]
12 One of two who resemble each other (4-5) LOOK-ALIKE [CD]
13 Let in – or let on? (5) ADMIT [DD]
15 Great! That woman's beginning to overtake Spiderman, for example (9) SUPERHERO {SUPER}{HER}{Ov...e}
18 Staying power needed to finish university course admitting a little naughtiness (9) ENDURANCE {END}{U}{RA{Na...s}CE}
21 Playwright turns ashen (5) NASHE*
22 Family at English city in massacre (9) BLOODBATH {BLOOD}{BATH}
24 Got on with female, a Communist (5) FARED {F}{A}{RED}
26 Sort out ragbag on Oriental rubbish (7) GARBAGE {RAGBAG}*{E}
27 New Indian transforms as Desh ki Beti (7) NANDINI {N}{INDIAN*}
28 Extra emcees represent atypical example (7,4) EXTREME CASE*

1   Belittle depressed class? Dead wrong! Improper! (9) DOWNGRADE* (and {DOWN}{GRADE} - See comments)
2   Commanding Officer has reportedly perused set of beliefs (5) CREDO (~read){RED} in {CO}
3   Such a day is important, having reportedly studied correspondence (3-6) RED-LETTER (~ read letter)
4   Want the French sewing-kit items (7) NEEDLES {NEED}{LES}
5   Cliquey set's pouring out (7) INGROUP*
6   Foreigner's account of Jamaican reggae singer (5) ETANA {ET}{ANA} Had to cheat for this last one
7   Trade concern (8) BUSINESS [DD]
8   Run away with little jumper, say (4) FLEE (~ flea)
14 Ordinary setter's one possessed by 2 madly (8) MEDIOCRE {ME} with {1} in {CREDO}*
16 Call receiver for comprehensive barrier (4,5) RING FENCE {RING} {FENCE}
17 Excessive activity across road (9) OVERDRIVE {OVER}{DRIVE}
19 Eastern circus most available (7) NEAREST*
20 Improve opponents' fortune limitlessly (7) ENHANCE {EN}{cHANCE}
22 What lizards like — what computer programmers hate (4) BUGS [DD]
23 Physician to take off cover (5) DRAPE {DR}{APE}
25 Indian dish for one in Indian chariot (5) RAITA {RA{1}TA}


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